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Carmela Coultier

Meeting date: 2022.11.29

City / Country: Australia

Price, duration: 4200 AED, 6 hours

Peter Adrian Reyanolds's review

My darling Carmela how you enraptured me with your sensual nectar sweet pussy, and your devotion an and attention towards me th entire time I am hoping that this was a connection of the utmost passionate and my my most elitest class of girl that is comfortable daring and most trusting bodies I have ever come across. Please know that this is a review and a dedication to your demeanour in the physical elitet finsest view from a hungry male like myself with a huge deesire for passion and sexual aura work ethic but so from me it is a token of thanks and a respect that i have never felt so sure of in a very long time, especially with escorts ( no offfense ladies, but Carmela Coultier is one of a kind!!!! you are all gorgeous nut he is just so so rea!)


Meeting date: 2019.12.07

City / Country: Australia

Price, duration: 1200 USD, 2 hours

JamesT's review

Anna blew my mind! Absolutely gorgeous beautiful young lady - Intelligent as well as oozing sex appeal & amazing in the bedroom


Meeting date: 2019.12.07

City / Country: Australia

Price, duration: ooooo EUR, hour hours

vman's review

she never answered me for a booking it also says she is in usa i think


Meeting date: 2019.12.07

City / Country: Australia

Price, duration: 1100 USD, 4 hours

Brendan's review

Lee has a style, rarely seen .. for her, my pleasure and happiness was important, and from the moment she arrived, it was like a hot , sexy, sassy little tornado swept through the joint!! I booked an hour, hard to let her go after 4!!. Highly recommend if course for a 6 star service straight to your door!!! Very covienient and I appreciate how easy Lee made the whole process, so stop right here or contact at (Lee’s profile) and book the real-deal XXX experience... will definitely catch-up again soon!!! Thanks again Lee !

Maddy May

Meeting date: 2019.12.07

City / Country: Australia

Price, duration: 550 USD, 1 hours

Brocko's review

Hi, well what can I say Maddison was true to her word over the phone when I enquired about her services and may I say that she didn't disappoint. As nice as her pictures are she is tall hot blonde and killer fit body she has and not afraid to flaunt and let you explore with her. I had fun and a great time and I must admit she taught me a thing or two more like three/;more in bed and what great fun sex is all about and very understanding with other options you may need to desire to be satisfied. She is well worth the experience that's for sure because you will want to extend your booking and want to see her again for another experience with a damm Hotty Aussie lady © 2023 | The site is owned and operated by SLAY PRODUCTIONS SL, Calle Alemania 1. 38660 Costa Adeje Santa Cruz De Tenerife. | All rights reserved!

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