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You’ve likely come across various abbreviations in ads or online platforms that might seem mysterious at first. These abbreviations often appear in adult content and help communicate specific preferences and types of services quickly. Our article provides a detailed explanation of the most common abbreviations such as GFE (Girlfriend Experience), PSE (Porn Star Experience), and DFK (Deep French Kissing), making it easier for you to navigate the specific terminology in this field.

Before we dive in, let’s review the abbreviations and expressions you’ll learn about in our article.

  1. Abbreviations indicating sexual preferences
    1. Girlfriend experience (GFE) meaning
    2. Girlfriend experience with extras (GFE+)
    3. Porn star experience (PSE) meaning
    4. Deep french kissing (DFK)
    5. Bareback blow job (BBBJ) meaning
    6. Cum in mouth (CIM) meaning
    7. Cum on body (COB)
    8. Dining at the Y (DATY)
    9. Anal sex (A-level) meaning
    10. Cum in mouth with swallow (CIMWS)
    11. Covered blow job (CBJ) meaning
    12. Hand job (HJ)
    13. Massage parlor (MP) meaning
    14. King treatment
    15. Double penetration (DP) meaning
    16. Double vaginal penetration (Dvp)
    17. Double anal penetration (DAP) meaning
    18. Rimming
    19. Full body sensual massage (FBSM)
    20. Greek
    21. Tongue Up My Ass (TUMA) meaning
    22. Bareback (BB) meaning
    23. Multiple Shots on Goal (MSOG)
    24. Russian
    25. Shots on Goal (SOG)
    26. Deep Throat (DT) meaning
    27. Edging
    28. No Strings Attached (NSA) meaning
    29. Pegging (PEG) meaning
    30. No Quit, No Spit (NQNS) meaning
    31. Interracial (IR)
    32. Sensual Massage (FBSM)
    33. FFM (Female, Female, Male) meaning
    34. MMF (Male, Male, Female)
    35. Covered Full Service (CFS) meaning
    36. Reverse Oral (RO)
    37. AC/DC
    38. Balls Licking and Sucking (BLS) meaning
    39. Pearl Necklace
    40. Raincoat
    41. Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV)
    42. Dining At The O (DATO)
    43. Fisting (FT) meaning
    44. Edging
  2. Meeting type abbreviations
    1. DTF meaning
    2. One Night Stand (ONS)
    3. No Strings Attached (NSA)
    4. Friends With Benefits (FWB) meaning
    5. Long Term Relationship (LTR)
    6. Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby (SD/SB)
    7. New Relationship Energy (NRE)
    8. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT)
    9. GHOSTING meaning
    10. Unicorn Hunting (UH) meaning
    11. Casual (CAS)
    12. Swinging
    13. Polyamorous (Poly) meaning
    14. Relationship Anarchy (RA)
    15. Married But Available (MBA) meaning
    16. Rendezvous
    17. Open Relationship
    18. Discreet Encounter
    19. Hookup
    20. Adventure Dating
    21. Incognito
    22. No Rush
    23. GFE/PSE Combo meaning
  3. Safety and hygiene abbreviations
    1. Drug and Disease Free (DFK) meaning
    2. STD free (Sexually Transmitted Disease free)
    3. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) meaning
    4. Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) meaning
  4. Sexual and gender identities:
    1. Crossdresser (CD) meaning
    2. Transgender (TS) meaning
    3. Transvestite (TV) meaning
    4. Cisgender (Cis)
    5. Genderqueer/Genderfluid
    6. Non-binary (NB/Enby) meaning
    7. Agender
    8. Bigender
    9. Pansexual meaning
    10. Pangender
    11. Demiboy/Demigirl
    12. Two-Spirit
    13. Heterosexual
    14. Homosexual
    15. Bisexual (Bi)
    16. Asexual
    17. Queer
    18. LGBTQ+ meaning
    19. Demisexual
    20. Skoliosexual
    21. Omnisexual meaning
    22. Polysexual meaning
    23. Aromantic
    24. Grey-asexual (Grey-ace)
    25. Lithromantic
    26. Akoiromantic/Reciprokromantic
    27. Androsexual/Gynesexual
  5. Abbreviations indicating special requests
    1. BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism)
    2. Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK)
    3. Dominance and submission (D/s) meaning
    4. Daddy Dom/little girl (DD/lg) meaning
    5. Total Power Exchange (TPE)
    6. Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL)
    7. Edgeplay
    8. Figging
    9. Party and Play (PnP)
    10. Water Sports (WS)
    11. Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) meaning
    12. Safe, Sane, and Consensual (SSC) meaning
  6. Abbreviations indicating time and availability
    1. INCALL
    2. OUTCALL
    3. TBD (To Be Discussed)
    4. ASAP (As Soon As Possible)
    5. TBA (To Be Announced)
    6. ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)
    7. COD (Cash on Delivery)
    8. EOD (End of Day) meaning
    9. Flexible
  7. Availability and booking abbreviations
    1. QV (Quick Visit)
    2. HH (Half Hour) meaning
    3. HR (Hour)
    4. MULTIH (Multiple Hours)
    5. OVN (Overnight) meaning
    6. 24HR (24 Hour)
    7. FT (Full Time)
    8. 24/7 meaning
    9. W/E (Weekend) meaning
    10. BY APPT (By Appointment)
  8. Personality traits and appearances
    1. MILF (Mother I’d Like to Fuck) meaning
    2. GILF (Grandmother I’d Like to Fuck) meaning
    3. Cougar
    4. DILF (Dad I’d Like to Fuck) meaning
    5. BBW (Big Beautiful Woman)
    6. BHM (Big Handsome Man) meaning
    7. GND (Girl Next Door) meaning
    8. Trophy Wife/Husband
    9. SAP (Socially Awkward Penguin)
    10. Alpha/Beta/Omega
    11. Big Black Cock (BBC) meaning
    12. Chubby
    13. Petite
    14. Tall
    15. Spinner
  9. Conclusion

Abbreviations indicating sexual preferences

Understanding GFE: Exploring the meaning of the abbreviation.

Girlfriend experience (GFE) meaning

The girlfriend experience aims to make the client feel like they are in a real relationship. This includes emotional intimacy, conversation, shared activities, kissing, and cuddling, often implying deeper emotional connections.

Girlfriend experience with extras (GFE+)

GFE+ is similar to the basic GFE but also offers additional “extras” such as fulfilling special sexual requests that go beyond the traditional girlfriend experience.

Porn star experience (PSE) meaning

The porn star experience brings the world of pornography into reality. It may include various sexual activities typically seen only in films, such as adventurous positions or role-playing.

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Deep french kissing (DFK)

Deep French kissing (DFK) involves intense and passionate kissing where the tongue plays an active role. It’s a common feature of both GFE and PSE.

Bareback blow job (BBBJ) meaning

A bareback blow job is a form of oral sex without a condom, presenting a higher level of trust and risk.

Cum in mouth (CIM) meaning

When the client ejaculates in the partner’s mouth, they call it cum in mouth. The partner usually spits out the ejaculate afterward.

Cum on body (COB)

In cum on body, the client ejaculates on the partner’s body, often on the stomach or breasts.

Dining at the Y (DATY)

Dining at the Y is a slang term for performing oral sex on a woman.

Anal sex (A-level) meaning

A-level or anal sex means anal intercourse, which some may consider a special service.

Cum in mouth with swallow (CIMWS)

Cum in mouth with swallow is similar to CIM, but here the partner swallows the ejaculate.

Covered blow job (CBJ) meaning

A covered blow job involves performing oral sex with a condom, providing a safer alternative to BBBJ.

Hand job (HJ)

A hand job refers to manually stimulating the client’s genitals.

Massage parlor (MP) meaning

A massage parlor offers massage services, which can sometimes include sexual activities.

King treatment

In the King treatment service, the staff caters to the guest’s every desire, often in luxurious surroundings.

Double penetration (DP) meaning

In double penetration, two partners penetrate simultaneously, typically with one entering the vagina and the other the anus.

Double vaginal penetration (Dvp)

When two partners penetrate the vagina simultaneously, it’s called double vaginal penetration.

Double anal penetration (DAP) meaning

Double anal penetration is similar to Dvp but involves double penetration of the anus.


Rimming involves oral stimulation of the anal area, which can provide intense sensations.

A therapist performing a full-body sensual massage.

Full body sensual massage (FBSM)

A full body sensual massage (FBSM) is an all-encompassing sensual massage that offers relaxation and physical closeness without necessarily leading to sexual activity. This type of massage is a unique way to help clients relax and form an intimate connection with the masseuse.


The term “Greek” refers to anal sex, often used synonymously with A-level.

Tongue Up My Ass (TUMA) meaning

Tongue Up My Ass involves using the tongue to stimulate the anal area through oral anal play.

Bareback (BB) meaning

Bareback refers to sex without a condom, which carries significant risks as it increases the chance of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases.

Multiple Shots on Goal (MSOG)

Multiple Shots on Goal allows the client to achieve orgasm multiple times during the session, often part of longer appointments.


“Russian” refers to a sexual activity involving the breasts, where intercourse occurs between them, offering an alternative method for sexual satisfaction.

Shots on Goal (SOG)

Shots on Goal refers to the number of times a client can reach orgasm during a session.

Deep Throat (DT) meaning

Deep throat is a technique used in oral sex where the throat is deeply penetrated, requiring significant oral skill.


Edging is a sexual practice focused on controlling the moment of orgasm to increase intensity. The process involves bringing oneself or a partner close to orgasm, then reducing or stopping stimulation to delay climax. This is repeated several times before allowing orgasm, enhancing the pleasure and intensity of the final climax.

Explaining the meaning of NSA in relationships.

No Strings Attached (NSA) meaning

No Strings Attached describes relationships that involve only sexual encounters without emotional commitments or expectations.

Pegging (PEG) meaning

Pegging is a practice where a woman uses a strap-on dildo to perform anal sex on a man.

No Quit, No Spit (NQNS) meaning

No Quit, No Spit refers to an oral sex practice where the giver continues without stopping before ejaculation and is willing to swallow.

Interracial (IR)

Interracial refers to sexual relationships between partners of different ethnic backgrounds.

Sensual Massage (FBSM)

A full-body sensual massage, or FBSM, is a deeply relaxing and sensual service that promotes harmony between body and mind. It not only relieves physical tensions but also offers an opportunity for emotional connection and intimacy.

FFM is the meaning of a female-female-male relationship.

FFM (Female, Female, Male) meaning

This abbreviation denotes a threesome involving two women and one man, often featured in adult content and fantasies.

MMF (Male, Male, Female)

This refers to a threesome involving two men and one woman, also a common configuration often depicted and mentioned in adult contexts.

Covered Full Service (CFS) meaning

“Covered Full Service” refers to sexual services performed with a condom, emphasizing the importance of safe sex, which protects against STDs and reduces the risk of pregnancy.

Reverse Oral (RO)

“Reverse Oral” means that the client performs oral sex on the service provider. This activity is often part of mutually reciprocal sexual relationships.


“AC/DC” refers to bisexuality, meaning individuals attracted to people of all genders. In the context of sexual services, it indicates that the provider is prepared to offer services to all genders.

Balls Licking and Sucking (BLS) meaning

“Balls Licking and Sucking” involves the licking and sucking of the testicles. This activity can be part of sexual foreplay, providing intense sensation to the involved party.

Pearl Necklace

“Pearl Necklace” is a term used when a man finishes on a woman’s neck or chest. The term refers to the appearance of semen on the skin resembling a string of pearls.


“Raincoat” is slang for a condom. It is commonly used in the context of safe sex practices, where using a condom is crucial for protecting the health of all participants.

Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV)

“Your Mileage May Vary” suggests that the experience or service provided may differ from client to client. This expression is often used in services and products reviews, highlighting that individual experiences can vary based on factors such as expectations, personal preferences, or circumstances.

Dining At The O (DATO)

“Dining At The O” is a slang term for oral stimulation of the anus, also known as anilingus. This sexual practice involves licking and kissing the anal area. The “O” in this context refers to the orifice, specifically the anus. This intimate act can enhance sexual pleasure, but it’s important to consider health and hygiene aspects thoroughly.

Fisting (FT) meaning

Fisting involves the insertion of a hand or fist into the vagina or anus. This activity leads to extreme stretching and stimulation and requires a high level of trust and communication between participants. Proper preparation is necessary, including thorough stretching and the use of ample lubricant, to minimize the risk of injury.

A man and a woman illustrating the meaning of ONS


Edging is a sexual practice that focuses on near-orgasm control. This technique involves bringing oneself or a partner close to the point of orgasm, then decreasing or stopping stimulation to delay climax. This process can be repeated multiple times before finally allowing orgasm. Edging can lead to more intense orgasms and enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy between partners.

Meeting type abbreviations

DTF meaning

DTF stands for “Down To Fuck,” a very direct and straightforward abbreviation often used on online dating platforms and adult advertisements. It indicates that the individual is open and ready for sexual encounters without any additional commitments or emotional relationships.

One Night Stand (ONS)

A one-night stand refers to a single, often spontaneous, sexual encounter without any expectation of further relations or commitments. It’s essentially about two people meeting for one night, enjoying themselves, and then going their separate ways.

No Strings Attached (NSA)

People use this abbreviation when a relationship where the parties focus solely on sexual interaction without developing an emotional connection. The emphasis here is on freedom from commitments.

Friends With Benefits (FWB) meaning

People use this abbreviation when friends who maintain a sexual relationship while remaining friends. There are no serious emotional commitments, but they do care about each other’s feelings.

Long Term Relationship (LTR)

In a long-term relationship, the parties commit to each other and stay together for an extended period. This includes making joint plans, mutual support, and deep emotional connections.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby (SD/SB)

A sugar daddy is typically an older, wealthier man who provides financial support to a younger person, the sugar baby, in exchange for companionship or other relationship benefits. This relationship often includes both companionship and sexual elements.

New Relationship Energy (NRE)

“New Relationship Energy” refers to the intense emotional and physical attraction that can occur at the beginning of a new relationship, when everything is new and exciting. This energy can drive the rapid development of new relationships.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT)

This term refers to open relationships or marriages where partners agree that they can have relationships with other people but do not discuss the details with each other. This can help avoid certain tensions in relationships where the parties have different needs.

GHOSTING meaning

Ghosting occurs when someone suddenly and without explanation cuts off all communication with the other person, often leaving the other party confused and questioning. This is a common occurrence in modern dating scenarios.

A couple searching for a unicorn in a relationship context.

Unicorn Hunting (UH) meaning

“Unicorn Hunting” often refers to couples looking for a third person, usually a bisexual woman, to join their relationship. While many seek this type of dynamic, it is often criticized for potential unequal power dynamics and potentially exploitative behavior.

Casual (CAS)

Casual encounters are relaxed, informal relationships where the parties do not plan for a long-term commitment. These are often spontaneous, easygoing meetings where the main goal is enjoyment.


Swinging is a sexual practice where a couple shares sexual experiences with other couples or individuals. This practice often occurs in sex clubs or private parties.

Polyamorous (Poly) meaning

Polyamory is a relationship style where individuals can maintain multiple romantic or sexual relationships simultaneously, openly, and honestly communicating with all involved.

Relationship Anarchy (RA)

Relationship Anarchy is a philosophy that rejects traditional relationship rules and structures. Those who practice it define their own relationships based on their desires, independent of societal expectations.

Married But Available (MBA) meaning

People use this abbreviation when someone who is married but open to other relationships, whether sexual or emotional.


A rendezvous is a pre-arranged meeting, typically brief and discreet, often with a romantic or sexual intent.

Open Relationship

An open relationship is a relationship where partners agree that they can have sexual or romantic relationships with other people. This relationship style allows the parties to meet various needs with different partners while maintaining their primary relationship.

Discreet Encounter

A discreet encounter is a meeting where discretion and privacy are paramount. This is especially important for individuals who do not want their private activities to become public.


A hookup generally refers to a brief, commitment-free sexual encounter, where the parties do not expect a long-term relationship. It is often spontaneous and casual, where mutual attraction leads to a physical connection.

Adventure Dating

Adventure dating is an exciting form of dating that revolves around special or adventurous activities. This can include extreme sports, travel, or other unique programs that bring people together in new and thrilling environments.


This service emphasizes discretion. Think of it as a situation where everyone involved is assured of privacy protection, and information does not become public. This could be a hotel room where there are no prying eyes, or an online service where user data remains entirely anonymous. This is especially important for certain sensitive services, such as therapeutic consultations or confidential business meetings.

No Rush

In this case, the service provider takes their time; there is no hurry. This provides a relaxed, restorative experience where the client or guest’s needs are central. For example, in a massage or beauty service, “No Rush” might mean that the service duration is flexible, allowing the guest to fully enjoy the provided care without feeling rushed.

Explaining the combination of GFE and PSE services in adult entertainment.

GFE/PSE Combo meaning

The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) and Porn Star Experience (PSE) combination is a special service that blends companionship (GFE) with sexual adventure (PSE). The GFE typically involves intimacy and emotional connection, like kissing, hugging, and “real girlfriend” behavior.

In contrast, PSE is more about explicit erotica and sexual performance, often mimicking scenes from movies. This combination allows the client to receive a unique and customized experience that incorporates both elements.

Safety and hygiene abbreviations

Drug and Disease Free (DFK) meaning

This indicates that someone declares themselves free from drugs and diseases. This can be important in situations where safety is a priority.

STD free (Sexually Transmitted Disease free)

Free from sexually transmitted diseases. This is a common requirement for certain more intimate services, where participants’ health is a concern.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) meaning

This is a medication taken by those who are at higher risk of HIV infection to prevent the virus from taking hold if exposure occurs.

Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) meaning

This phrase means that if someone is HIV positive but their viral load is undetectable, they cannot transmit the virus. This is an important message for both those affected and society at large to reduce stigma.

Sexual and gender identities:

Crossdresser (CD) meaning

The abbreviation “CD” stands for “Crossdresser,” referring to individuals who enjoy wearing the clothing of another sex but do not necessarily identify as transgender.

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Transgender (TS) meaning

People who have undergone (or wish to undergo) gender reassignment procedures to make their bodies better reflect their gender identity.

Transvestite (TV) meaning

Often used synonymously with cross-dresser, though sometimes it carries a stronger sexual connotation and refers to the act of cross-dressing in various social or sexual contexts.

Cisgender (Cis)

People whose gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth. For example, someone born as a woman and identifies as a woman.


People who do not adhere strictly to conventional gender distinctions but identify across or beyond the spectrum of genders.

Non-binary (NB/Enby) meaning

People who do not identify exclusively as male or female. This category includes those who feel they exist outside traditional gender norms.


For those who do not identify with any gender, or who consider their gender to be irrelevant or inapplicable to themselves.


People who identify as two genders, either simultaneously or varying between them.

Pansexual meaning

People who are attracted to others regardless of their gender. This term emphasizes that attraction can transcend gender boundaries.


People who identify with all or many genders simultaneously.


People who partially, but not wholly, identify as male or female, respectively.


A traditional, multifaceted role in some Indigenous cultures in North America, incorporating attributes of all genders, and often fulfilling distinct social and ceremonial roles.


Individuals who are attracted to the another sex.

Two homosexual women kissing intimately.


Often used interchangeably with gay and lesbian; refers to people who are attracted to the same sex.

Bisexual (Bi)

People who are attracted to both their own sex and the another sex. Not necessarily to the same degree or at the same time.


People who do not experience sexual attraction to others, or have low or absent interest in sexual activity.


A broad term that includes individuals who do not conform to heterosexual norms or binary gender identities. Often used as an umbrella term for the LGBTQ+ community.

LGBTQ+ meaning

This abbreviation is the most widely used acronym that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer, with the plus sign representing additional sexual orientations and gender identities not specifically covered by the other letters.


Individuals who only experience sexual attraction after forming a strong emotional connection. This type of attraction is not immediate and develops over time.


Refers to people who are primarily attracted to non-binary, genderqueer, or genderfluid individuals.

Omnisexual meaning

Similar to pansexual but with an awareness of the distinct gender characteristics of potential partners.

Polysexual meaning

People who are attracted to multiple, but not all, genders.


Individuals who rarely, if ever, experience romantic attraction to others. Aromantic people can be of any sexual orientation.

Grey-asexual (Grey-ace)

Those who fall between asexuality and sexuality, who might occasionally experience sexual attraction under specific circumstances.


Individuals who experience romantic attraction but do not desire reciprocation.


People only feel romantic attraction if they know their feelings are reciprocated (reciprokromantic), or they lose interest once attraction is reciprocated (akoiromantic).


Androsexual individuals primarily feel attraction to masculinity or males, regardless of their own gender, while gynesexual individuals feel attraction to femininity or females, also regardless of their own gender.

Abbreviations indicating special requests

A woman tied up in a BDSM setting.

BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism)

This term encompasses four main elements: bondage and discipline; dominance and submission; sadomasochism. BDSM activities explore varying forms of power dynamics, often involving binding techniques, discipline strategies, and other methods focusing on control or pain.

Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK)

This principle in BDSM practices implies that all participants are fully aware of the risks involved and consent to the activities. It is a safety-oriented approach that emphasizes the importance of knowledge and consent in potentially hazardous practices.

Dominance and submission (D/s) meaning

The terms dominance and submission describe a relationship dynamic where one party takes control (dominant) and the other party consents to submit (submissive). This dynamic can take many forms, depending on how much control and submission the participants are comfortable with.

Daddy Dom/little girl (DD/lg) meaning

This specific type of D/s relationship involves a dominant (usually a man) who plays a caring, protective role, while the submissive (often a woman) adopts a youthful, child-like character. This does not necessarily refer to actual age but rather to a style of role-play that emphasizes care and guidance.

Total Power Exchange (TPE)

Total power exchange means that the submissive completely relinquishes control to the dominant. This type of relationship often includes the transfer of control over daily decisions and personal freedom.

Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL)

Adults who enjoy regressing to an infant or toddler state, including wearing diapers and engaging in child-like activities. This subculture can be appealing for various reasons, such as the desire for care or the nostalgic recreation of childhood.


Edgeplay refers to BDSM activities that involve a higher level of risk. This can include extreme forms of pain play, psychological play, and other practices that push the boundaries of the participants’ limits. It is important for those involved to be fully aware of the risks and consequences of such activities.


Figging involves carving a piece of raw ginger and inserting it into the anal or vaginal opening. The natural compounds in ginger, such as gingerol, cause a burning sensation that enhances sensitivity and can provide intense experiences in the affected area. This activity is often part of BDSM practices where the goal is to explore pain and sensation boundaries.

Image depiction of Party and Play (PnP) concept.

Party and Play (PnP)

“Party and Play” typically refers to the combination of drug use with sexual activities. This practice is especially common at certain parties or gatherings where participants use stimulants, such as methamphetamine, to enhance sensation and prolong sexual activity. It is important to note that this practice carries significant health and legal risks.

Water Sports (WS)

“Water Sports” or urolagnia involves sexual activities related to urination. These activities use urination as an erotic element, whether it involves urinating on a partner or watching a partner urinate. These practices can form part of dominance, submission, and other personal fetish play.

Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) meaning

Cock and Ball Torture is a BDSM activity that involves various forms of stimulation of the male genitals, often involving pain. This can include binding, slapping, piercing, and other methods aimed at maximizing sensitivity and sometimes pain in the sensitive areas. This activity also relies heavily on trust and communication between the participants.

Safe, Sane, and Consensual (SSC) meaning

The SSC principle is crucial in BDSM communities and refers to three key rules: safe, sane, and consensual. It means that all BDSM activities should be performed in a way that is safe for all involved, remains within reasonable limits, and is agreed upon by everyone involved. This code helps ensure the physical and emotional well-being of the participants.

Abbreviations indicating time and availability


“INCALL” denotes a situation where the client visits the service provider, such as an escort, at their own location. This means that the provider offers a safe, private setting where the meeting can take place. The advantage of INCALL is that the provider fully controls the environment, which can often be more comfortable and discreet for them.


In an “OUTCALL” scenario, the escort or service provider travels to the client’s specified location, be it the client’s home, hotel room, or another venue. This option is convenient for clients because they do not have to leave their own environment, but it often involves higher costs as the escort needs to travel.

TBD (To Be Discussed)

“TBD,” an abbreviation for “To Be Discussed,” is frequently used when details such as dates, locations, fees, or other conditions still need to be negotiated. This indicates that the subject is still under negotiation, allowing parties to agree on the details at a later time. The term helps maintain flexibility, enabling both sides to comfortably discuss and decide on the matter.

ASAP (As Soon As Possible)

People use this abbreviation when they need urgency or want to receive a service or complete an action quickly.

TBA (To Be Announced)

People use “To Be Announced” when they have not yet finalized exact details, like time or place, but will disclose them later.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

Estimated Time of Arrival” is especially useful in OUTCALL situations where the escort informs the client about their expected arrival time at the client’s location.

COD (Cash on Delivery)

“Cash on Delivery” describes a payment arrangement where the client pays for the service at the time of delivery, often used in transactions that require immediate confirmation of payment.

Visual explanation of the abbreviation EOD, meaning End of Day.

EOD (End of Day) meaning

People commonly use the abbreviation “EOD” (End of Day) to indicate deadlines, signifying that someone needs to complete a task or activity by the end of the business day.


Service providers use “Flexible” when they are willing to accommodate the client’s schedule or specific requests, allowing for more adaptable service delivery.

Availability and booking abbreviations

QV (Quick Visit)

People most often use the abbreviation “QV” (Quick Visit) for short, typically 15-minute appointments. This type of appointment is chosen in situations where time is limited but a brief interaction or decision is necessary, such as for quick consultations, brief check-ins, or short personal meetings.

HH (Half Hour) meaning

“Half Hour” refers to a thirty-minute booking, which is ideal for shorter consultations, quick services, or when a client has limited time. This time frame is sufficient for quick services or concise activities.

HR (Hour)

“Hour” indicates a one-hour booking. This time frame is one of the most commonly used because it suits a variety of activities perfectly. Whether for detailed consultations, therapeutic sessions, or other services, it allows enough time for thorough discussions and full enjoyment.

MULTIH (Multiple Hours)

“Multiple Hours” refers to bookings where the client wishes to spend several hours with the service provider. Often applied when there are longer programs, events, or overnight stays involved. Multiple hours options may offer discounts or package rates, encouraging longer-duration bookings.

OVN (Overnight) meaning

“Overnight” denotes an all-night booking that usually starts in the evening and concludes the next morning. This is ideal for situations where the client seeks companionship for a significant event or simply does not want to be alone overnight.

Concept image depicting a 24-hour booking service.

24HR (24 Hour)

A “24 Hour” booking means that the service is available continuously over an entire day. This is particularly relevant for major events or extended travel where continuous companionship or service is needed.

FT (Full Time)

People often use the abbreviation “FT” (Full Time) to describe bookings that represent a long-term commitment, typically spanning months or even years. This type of booking often includes regular meetings and continuous service use. It’s important to note that this involves significant commitment and costs from both parties.

24/7 meaning

“24/7” indicates that the service is available around the clock, every day of the week. This is especially useful for services where continuous accessibility is important, such as certain security or emergency response services.

W/E (Weekend) meaning

People use this abbreviation when they specifically schedule services or meetings for the weekends.

BY APPT (By Appointment)

“By Appointment” means that the service requires prior arrangement, not available for immediate access. This is common in situations where a service provider needs to prepare or schedule in advance to accommodate the client.

Personality traits and appearances

MILF (Mother I’d Like to Fuck) meaning

MILF refers to a mature woman who is considered sexually attractive. This term became popular through its humorous or flattering use in films and media.

GILF (Grandmother I’d Like to Fuck) meaning

Similar to MILF, but GILF refers to an older grandmother who is also considered sexually attractive. This term extends the concept of sexual attractiveness to even older age groups, emphasizing that appeal does not necessarily diminish with age.


“Cougar” describes an older woman who seeks romantic or sexual relationships with significantly younger men. This term typically implies an assertive and confident woman who pursues younger partners.

DILF (Dad I’d Like to Fuck) meaning

Similar to MILF, DILF refers to an older, attractive man who is often a father. This term is used in a similar playful or complimentary manner, highlighting the attractiveness of mature men.

BBW (Big Beautiful Woman)

BBW stands for “Big Beautiful Woman” and celebrates the attractiveness of larger-bodied women. This term promotes body positivity and acceptance, countering mainstream media’s often narrow standards of beauty.

BHM (Big Handsome Man) meaning

Similarly, BHM stands for “Big Handsome Man” and is used to describe larger-bodied men in a positive light. Like BBW, this term is part of the movement towards greater acceptance and appreciation of diverse body types.

The Girl Next Door type of woman
The ‘Girl Next Door’-type of woman

GND (Girl Next Door) meaning

The abbreviation “GND” stands for “Girl Next Door,” characterizing a woman who is perceived as wholesome, approachable, and typically attractive in a non-intimidating, familiar way. This term often conveys a sense of simplicity and genuineness in personality.

Trophy Wife/Husband

“Trophy Wife” or “Trophy Husband” refers to a spouse chosen primarily for their attractiveness or to enhance the social status of the other spouse. While often used derogatorily, it highlights societal values placed on physical appearance and social prestige in marital relationships.

SAP (Socially Awkward Penguin)

A humorous internet meme, “Socially Awkward Penguin” represents people who find themselves in uncomfortable social situations due to awkwardness or social anxiety. This character is relatable for many who feel out of place in social settings.


These terms are used to describe different roles within social or relational hierarchies. “Alpha” denotes a dominant leader, “Beta” refers to a subordinate or second-in-command, and “Omega” describes the lowest ranking or least dominant individual.

Big Black Cock (BBC) meaning

In adult content, the acronym “BBC” often refers to a stereotype about the sexual prowess of black men, which focuses on the size of their genitals. People frequently mention this in discussions about interracial sexual fantasies.


“Chubby” describes someone with a rounder, softer body. It is often used affectionately or neutrally to describe body types that are fuller but not necessarily considered higher-weight person.


“Petite” refers to women who are short and slim. The fashion and beauty industries often use this term to describe a body type that conforms to specific measurements characterized by a smaller stature and frame.


Simply put, “tall” refers to individuals who are significantly above average in height. This characteristic can be seen as advantageous or attractive in various contexts, from fashion to personal preferences.


The term “spinner” refers to a small and often petite person, known for being energetic and sexually agile. Because of their compact size, they are easy to maneuver during sexual activities.


I hope this article has helped clarify the most common abbreviations you might encounter in adult services. Next time you come across these terms, you should find it easier to understand what they imply, enabling you to navigate this area more knowledgeably. Remember, communication and information are key tools when encountering new and unfamiliar things. Always inform all parties and obtain their consent before you engage in any service.

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