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The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is held every year on 25 November. On this day, people around the world commemorate women who have been victims of violence and raise awareness of the importance of fighting it.

In this article, on the one hand, we will review the events that led to the creation of this World Day and what purposes this date serves. In addition, we will also cover how this World Day affects people working in the escort industry and what ways there are to support victims.

How did the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women come about?

The origins of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women can be traced back to events in the mid-20th century. The protagonists of the story are Minerva, María Teresa, and Patria Mirabal, also known as the “Mirabal Sisters”. These three strong women became political activists and defenders of women’s rights during the dictatorship in the Dominican Republic. They fiercely resisted the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo, as a result of which they were arrested and subjected to torture, citing their political activism. And on 25 November 1960, they were brutally killed.

This awakened many people to the seriousness of violence against women and human rights violations. This tragic event not only sparked public outrage in the Dominican Republic but also brought it into the international spotlight. To commemorate the death of the sisters and to honor the values they stood for, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women was established in 1960.

The UN officially recognized this day in 1999 at the initiative of then Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. That year, the General Assembly adopted a resolution calling on Member States to raise awareness of violence against women and take action to eliminate it on 25 November each year. This World Day has been in place ever since and not only preserves the memory of the Mirabal sisters but also draws attention to the many women around the world who are victims of violence.

Objectives of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Let’s take a closer look at the scale of violence against women and how this World Day is trying to combat it.

The global impact of violence against women

Violence against women affects not only individuals but global society as a whole. Statistics show that one in three women will be a victim of violence at least once in her lifetime. This is a frighteningly big number, highlighting the seriousness of the problem of violence against women.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, November 25, violence against women.
One in three women will be a victim of violence at least once in their lives.

It is clear that this violence directly endangers the physical integrity of the victims. Acts of violence against women can result in varying degrees of injury, chronic health problems and even death. However, in addition to the physical consequences, they also place psychological burdens on victims. Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and even suicide can be the end result of violent treatment.

Beyond the individual impacts, violence against women also has social and economic repercussions. The loss of women from the labor market due to violence, the increase in health care costs and the expenses associated with supporting victims all place a significant strain on the economy. And at the societal level, the fact that violence against women is becoming more accepted and that perpetrators are not sufficiently punished increases the subordination of women and gender inequality. This hinders social progress and the development of just, equal and inclusive communities.

The aim of the World Day

Ending violence against women is, therefore, not only important for the sake of the victims but also critical for the well-being and development of society as a whole.

Raising social awareness is one of the most important aspects of the fight against violence. The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women aims to highlight the many forms of violence faced by women – from domestic violence through sexual harassment to human trafficking.

It is also a day to send a strong message to everyone that combating violence is not just the responsibility of governments and international organizations but of every individual. It encourages communities to come together and take action to promote the safety and dignity of women and to end all forms of violence against them.

The significance of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women for the escort industry

The escort industry is an area where women can often find themselves in vulnerable positions. Especially for independent escorts, but also for those working with escort agencies, women may not enjoy the same level of protection as their fellow human beings in other professions. This significantly increases the risk of violence.

Although most escorts voluntarily choose to do this job and work with a trustworthy clientele of decent people, other situations can arise. Some escorts often face physical violence, harassment, verbal assaults or even more serious dangers. Among other things, we can mention here the aggression that occurs during direct contact with clients. But it could also include the exploitation of escorts by organized criminal groups, forced labor and human trafficking.

All of this makes the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women even more important for women in the escort industry. This World Day brings to society’s attention the challenges faced by escorts worldwide and highlights the steps we can take to protect and support these women. This protection must be multifaceted, including the provision of physical safety, legal and mental support, and social acceptance.

How can we help women who are victims of violence?

As mentioned above, raising awareness is key. The whole of society needs to be aware of all forms of violence. This is important because many people are still unaware of the true extent of violence and do not see its consequences. Information campaigns and education programs in schools, workplaces and the media can help people to understand and recognize violent acts.

It is also important to strengthen support organizations and institutions. These organizations provide assistance to victims, including shelters, counseling, legal support and rehabilitation programs. Financial support can help these organizations to function more effectively.

Such organizations include: 

  • UN Women: The UN agency for women’s issues, which focuses on protecting women’s rights and combating violence.
  • Amnesty International: This human rights organization has specific programs and campaigns to fight violence against women.
  • V-Day: A global movement that supports the fight against violence and raises money for women through performances of the play “Vagina Monologues”.
  • Global Network of Women’s Shelters (GNWS): An international organization dedicated to supporting victims of violence against women. It connects shelters and other women’s organizations, sharing the best practices, resources and strategies.

Finally, community initiatives and programs can also help to increase women’s sense of security. Anti-violence workshops and demonstrations can help to create a social climate that condemns violence.

Protest against violence, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, November 25.
Demonstrations can also help to create a social climate that condemns violence.

How can we help escorts who are victims of violence?

The fight against human trafficking and forced labor is a priority in this area. The authorities must play an active role in the battle against traffickers and in the protection of exploited women.

There are organizations and foundations that focus specifically on the protection of escorts against violence. Many of these organizations offer shelters, crisis intervention services, legal and psychological counseling and information to victims of violence. By supporting these associations, we can also make a major contribution to ending violence.

Some of these organizations include:

  • La Strada International: This European organization defends the rights of escorts and focuses specifically on combating forced labor and human trafficking.
  • Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC): This organization was founded by escorts in India and focuses primarily on preventing and treating violence against women.
  • Project SAFE: This Philadelphia-based organization provides assistance specifically to escorts, including victims of violence against women. 
  • Butterfly: This Canadian organization provides support specifically for Asian and immigrant escorts. It aims to protect the rights and safety of workers.

Finally, those using escort services must also behave responsibly. Clients should be aware of the ethical and moral standards that apply in this field and should always treat escorts with respect. This includes specific actions such as refusing to use physical violence or violating human dignity.


The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is a critical day to raise awareness of the global problem of violence against women. It is important that we all reject every form of violence and do our part to support victims, including women in the escort industry. Building a safer and better future is our shared responsibility and can only be achieved through collective efforts.

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