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Istanbul, where East meets West, is both mesmerizing and magical. The bridges spanning the Bosphorus not only connect geographical borders but also unite culinary worlds. That’s why Istanbul offers excellent restaurants you should visit with your escort to taste unique East and West fusions.

Before we embark on this culinary journey, let’s review the places we’re highlighting in today’s article.

5+1 best fine dining restaurants in Istanbul to visit with your escort

Istanbul excels in gastronomy. Here are the 5+1 best fine dining restaurants where local and international flavors intersect. Get ready for an extraordinary dining experience!

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1. Mikla: The pinnacle of modern flavors in Istanbul

Mikla is one of the gems in Istanbul’s fine dining restaurant scene, where you and your escort can experience a masterful combination of Scandinavian and Turkish flavors. Located at the top of The Marmara Pera Hotel, the venue itself is stunning. Imagine the magnificent view of the Bosphorus and the city as you enjoy the finest modern Turkish cuisine.

The exterior of The Marmara Pera Hotel exudes elegance, while the interior of Mikla welcomes you with a warm, minimalist design. The elegant and refined interior features Scandinavian design elements perfectly harmonized with Turkish motifs. This modern yet inviting atmosphere is ideal for a romantic dinner or celebrating a special occasion.

Famed Turkish chef Mehmet Gürs leads Mikla, pioneering the modern Turkish culinary landscape. He revolutionized Istanbul’s gastronomic scene by melding Scandinavian and Turkish flavors. Mehmet Gürs’ creativity and expertise shine through every dish, making each meal a genuine experience.

The menu of Mikla in Istanbul

Let’s talk about the menu! Mikla offers an array of exciting and sophisticated dishes. Adventurers should try the “New Anatolian Kitchen” tasting menu, featuring various local specialties. Be sure to sample the lamb shank, its tender, juicy meat and flavorful sides promise a delightful experience.

For seafood lovers, the sea bass sashimi is highly recommended. The freshly prepared fish is enhanced by citrus flavors, making the sea bass sashimi a refreshing treat.

Vegetarians are not forgotten. The stuffed zucchini flowers, filled with finely chopped vegetables and spices, are incredibly delicious.

Don’t miss the desserts! The Turkish Delight ‘Martini,’ a modern twist on a classic Turkish sweet, features orange blossom water and rose water, making for a memorable finish to your meal.

While indulging in your meal, don’t forget to order a glass of Turkish wine. Mikla offers a wide selection of the best local wines that perfectly complement the dishes. A pleasant glass of Kavaklıdere Angora or an elegant Doluca Karma should not be missed.

2. Neolokal: Where tradition meets modernity in Istanbul

Neolokal perfectly blends traditional Turkish flavors and techniques with modern culinary methods to create something truly unique. The Istanbul restaurant is located in the SALT Galata building, which is a stylish location on its own, making it a must-visit with your escort. As you step in, you immediately feel the harmonious blend of the location’s history and modern design.

The interior of Neolokal is elegant and clean-lined, featuring a friendly open kitchen where you can watch the culinary magic happen. Chef Maksut Aşkar, the visionary behind Neolokal, focuses on preserving heritage and using local ingredients.

What does Neolokal’s menu look like?

Each dish on the menu reflects the finest traditions of Turkish cuisine, with a modern twist and high-level techniques.

For a true culinary experience, try the “Discover Anatolia” tasting menu. This selection features dishes that are both traditional and innovative.

Start with appetizers like stuffed grape leaves, filled with rice, spices, and pine nuts. These delicious bites set the stage for the meal. The fresh and light dish combines the slightly tangy taste of grape leaves with a rich filling.

Among the main courses, the slow-cooked lamb shoulder stands out. It is cooked traditionally and slowly to achieve tender and flavorful meat. The lamb is often paired with seasonal vegetables and various sauces to enhance its natural taste.

Seafood enthusiasts should opt for the sea bass with celeriac puree and black garlic. The fresh and juicy sea bass is paired with creamy celeriac puree and the depth of black garlic, creating a perfect dish.

Don’t miss the vegetarian and vegan options! The fire-roasted eggplant with pomegranate, garnished with pomegranate seeds and fresh herbs, combines harmonized flavors and intriguing textures.

For dessert, try the baklava with pistachio butter and goat milk ice cream. This modern take on traditional baklava uses pistachio butter and goat milk ice cream to offer a unique and unforgettable taste experience.

Finish your meal with Neolokal’s extensive wine list. Select from the finest Turkish wines to accompany your dishes. A glass of Angora or a sophisticated Vinolus Borászat Cabernet Sauvignon adds the perfect touch to your dining experience.

3. Nicole: The pinnacle of elegance and culinary fusion in Istanbul

Nicole, located at Tomtom Kaptan Sokak No:18 in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district, is a must-visit with your escort. The stunning terrace offers panoramic city views, ideal for a romantic dinner.

Entering Nicole, you instantly feel the elegance and sophistication. The clean-lined, modern yet cozy interior features warm earth tones and elegant furnishings, blending Turkish patterns with French style. The cityscape unfolds before you through the windows.

The restaurant blends French and Turkish cuisine, masterfully crafted by talented chef Aylin Yazıcıoğlu. Aylin’s passion and commitment to quality ingredients and creative flavor combinations reflect in every dish. The restaurant’s name, inspired by Nicole, a local nun who cultivated herbs here centuries ago, adds historical charm.

Nicole’s dazzling menu

The menu is full of culinary gems. Start with appetizers like foie gras terrine with Turkish figs and orange sauce. The harmonious blend of flavors and textures promises an explosion of taste.

Among main courses, the slow-cooked lamb shoulder with carrot puree and hazelnut-pomegranate sauce is a highlight. The tender, juicy meat and slightly sweet sauce create a unique dish. If you prefer seafood, choose the sea bream with lemon and dill. The fresh, zesty flavors enhance the fish’s taste.

Vegetarians will love dishes like stuffed artichokes with pomegranate fajitas. The artichoke’s flavorful filling and pomegranate seeds add crunch and freshness.

The desserts deserve special mention. Try the chocolate fondant with pistachio and raspberry coulis. The gooey chocolate center, pistachio, and raspberry make for a balanced, rich, and fresh dessert.

A glass of wine is a must. Nicole’s comprehensive wine list features excellent Turkish and French wines, ensuring you find the perfect match for your meal. A glass of Kavaklıdere Prestige or a sophisticated Chateau Kalecik Karası complements the dishes perfectly.

4. Spago: Californian flavors in Istanbul, a must-visit with your escort

Spago, helmed by world-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck, brings Californian cuisine to Istanbul, enhanced by local ingredients. Located in the luxurious The St. Regis Istanbul at Mim Kemal Öke Caddesi No:35, Nişantaşı, it’s a must-visit with your escort.

Entering Spago, you feel the luxury and elegance. The modern design, stunning décor, and large windows offering city views create a special experience. The stylish yet inviting ambiance is perfect for romantic dinners or special celebrations.

Spago’s kitchen reflects Californian style, masterfully combined with local ingredients by Wolfgang Puck.

What to taste at Spago?

Start with appetizers like Big Eye Tuna Tartare with avocado, jalapeño, and toasted nori. The fresh, refreshing flavors and the tender, juicy tuna with a hint of spicy jalapeño make this dish irresistible.

Main courses offer many delights, but the grilled Turkish lamb chops are a star. The tender, well-seasoned lamb is served with rosemary potatoes and caramelized onions, intensifying the flavors.

If you prefer seafood, the pan-seared black bass is a perfect choice. The crispy skin and tender flesh, paired with lemon-dill sauce, create an unforgettable dish.

Vegetarians will enjoy the wild mushroom risotto with black truffle. The creamy, rich risotto, with earthy mushrooms and truffle, offers harmony and depth of flavor.

For dessert, try Spago’s famous carrot cake. The moist, flavorful carrot cake with creamy mascarpone frosting and toasted nuts is a perfect meal finisher. The sweet and spicy flavor combination will enchant everyone.

Spago’s drink menu stands out, offering premium Turkish and international wines that perfectly accompany the dishes. Try a glass of Kavaklıdere Selection or Doluca Antik, which pair nicely with the locally sourced dishes.

5. Râna by Topaz: A modern celebration of Mediterranean and Turkish flavors in Istanbul

Râna by Topaz is an elegant restaurant in Istanbul offering a wide selection of Mediterranean and Turkish dishes that you must try with your escort. This is a must-visit with your escort. Located in the Gümüşsuyu district at İnönü Caddesi No:50, enjoy a fine dinner with a breathtaking Bosphorus view.

Entering Râna by Topaz, you immediately sense the luxury and elegance. The modern design and clean lines combine to create a unique atmosphere. Large windows with Bosphorus views make every dinner special.

Chef Turgay Gümüş showcases his creativity and passion in every dish, masterfully blending Mediterranean and Turkish flavors with modern techniques.

Dishes to savor at Râna by Topaz

Among appetizers, try the octopus salad. Freshly grilled octopus with mixed vegetables and spicy vinaigrette offers harmonious flavors, with the lightly smoky octopus and crunchy vegetables creating a culinary delight.

For main courses, the lamb chops with rosemary-mint sauce are a highlight. The tender, well-seasoned lamb with rosemary and mint adds freshness and depth. Served with roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables, the dish is complete.

Seafood lovers should opt for the seafood risotto. Creamy risotto with clams and shrimp, flavored with garlic and white wine, offers rich, harmonious flavors and a perfectly cooked texture.

Vegetarians are equally catered to. The eggplant moussaka, with layered eggplant, tomato sauce, and béchamel, offers a rich, creamy dish with a subtly smoky eggplant taste.

Finish with desserts like pistachio baklava with vanilla ice cream. The crispy pistachio baklava and smooth vanilla ice cream combination is divine.

The drink menu is notable. The extensive selection of premium Turkish and international wines pairs well with the restaurant’s specialties. Try a glass of Kavaklıdere Prestige or Doluca Alçıtepe for a perfect match.

If you’re looking for something truly special in Istanbul, Râna by Topaz restaurant is the perfect choice in every way for you and your escort.

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+1 Zuma: Modern Japanese flavors in dazzling Istanbul

For a unique Japanese dining experience, Zuma must be on your list. Located in İstinye Park at İstinye Bayırı Caddesi No:73, Sarıyer, Istanbul. In this elegant Istanbul restaurant, not only your taste buds but also your eyes will have a true experience, especially if you are in the company of an escort.

Entering Zuma, you’re enveloped by modern Japanese aesthetics and elegant interiors, reminiscent of traditional izakayas. The use of wood, glass, and natural materials creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere for a memorable meal.

Zuma is renowned for its high-quality modern Japanese cuisine. The chefs emphasize fresh ingredients and authentic flavors, adding a modern twist to the dishes.

Must-try dishes at Zuma with your escort

Among appetizers, try the yellowtail sashimi with yuzu soy. Thinly sliced fresh yellowtail is served with yuzu sauce. The perfect balance of tart yuzu and slightly salty soy sauce makes this appetizer irresistible.

Main courses offer exciting options, but the miso-marinated black cod stands out. The cod is marinated in miso sauce and perfectly grilled, with caramelized skin and tender, flavorful meat. The sweet and salty miso flavors enhance the rich taste of the cod.

Sushi lovers must try the spicy tuna roll. Fresh tuna, avocado, and spicy mayonnaise create a flavor explosion that will enchant any sushi enthusiast. Each precisely prepared sushi roll offers a perfect bite.

Vegetarians will love the vegetable tempura. Fresh seasonal vegetables are lightly battered and fried to a golden crisp, offering a delightfully light and crunchy dish.

For dessert, try the yuzu cheesecake. This creamy cheesecake with yuzu citrus is a light and refreshing end to your meal. The sweet cream and tangy yuzu harmonize beautifully.

Complement your meal with a foreign Japanese drink. Try a glass of sake or a unique Japanese cocktail to perfectly pair with Zuma’s gourmet dishes.

Zuma combines modern Japanese flavors and an elegant setting for a consistently high-quality dining experience. When in Istanbul, Zuma offers the perfect exclusive experience. Enjoy the fantastic food and unique atmosphere!


Istanbul is filled with enchanting restaurants offering some of the world’s best culinary experiences. Whether it’s the modern Turkish flavors of Mikla, the creative dishes at Neolokal, the French-Turkish fusion at Nicole, the Californian style of Spago, or the Japanese specialties at Zuma, each restaurant is perfect for a memorable meal with your escort. These places are known not only for their stunning dishes but also for their beautiful views and elegant atmosphere. When in Istanbul, visiting these restaurants will undoubtedly make your time unforgettable.

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