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If you’re curious about who Lola Taylor is and why she’s Moscow’s favorite pornstar escort, then listen up because I’m about to share some exciting stuff! Lola is not just a pornstar; she’s much more than that. She perfectly combines professionalism with personal charm, making her truly special in this field.

Before we dive into why Lola Taylor is so special and how she became the most sought-after company in Moscow, let’s start from the beginning and see where this dazzling woman started.

But first, take a look at what our article will cover:

Lola Taylor – Starting from Yekaterinburg to becoming a renowned pornstar and escort

Lola Taylor was born on December 11, 1992, in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Her real name is Lubov Bushueva, interestingly, her first name, Lubov, means love in Russian.

Before Lola Taylor became a pornstar and escort, she worked as a librarian.

She started her career at the age of 22 in 2014, and initially experimented with several names, including Luba B, Lolita Taylor, Lola Petrova, Lolita Petrova, and Baby L. So you can also find her under these names in the adult film industry. Besides webcam shows and shoots, Lola is also an erotic dancer.

If you meet her, she will enchant you at first sight, being a true beauty with mesmerizing green eyes and wavy blonde hair. She is 160 centimeters tall, but she is not a fragile flower. Yet, she is still charming, and there is an inexplicable, wild lewdness about her.

She is very open sexually, thus she gladly meets with men, women, couples, and trans people.

She speaks Russian and English fluently, and from interviews, it’s apparent that she has a very direct personality, easy to get along with, and you can have substantive conversations with her.

In which films can you see Lola Taylor?

Throughout her long career, Lola has worked with many studios, including Legalporno, DDF Porn World, Giorgio Grandi Productions, Gonzo Productions, 21naturals, Evil Angel, 21Sextreme, and 21Sextury.

She is often seen in group, anal, blowjob, double penetration scenes.

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Lola Taylor’s escort services: from pornstar experience to anal

If you want to know more about Lola Taylor’s services, then pay attention because I’m going to talk about things that really make her special. Lola isn’t just there with you, she promises unforgettable adventures that are much more than the usual escort meetings.

Let’s start with the GFE, or girlfriend experience, which is like being in a real, loving relationship. Lola surrounds you with all the attentiveness and tenderness usually found only in romantic movies. If you crave real emotional closeness, Lola is the perfect choice.

If you want to relieve some stress, Lola’s erotic massages are just right for you. Imagine all the tension melting away as Lola’s gentle touches relax you and take relaxation to a new level, soothing your soul as well.

Lola Taylor pornstar escort services

A wide range of services

Looking for a thrilling experience? Lola Taylor is the perfect choice for exploring the world of dominance. If you enjoy when someone else takes control, she is ready to lead while you indulge in the game and discover new experiences.

Her striptease service truly spices up the evening. Imagine Lola’s sensual and slow undressing as she dances, which will definitely lift the spirits.

If you have unique requests like anal, facial, or even group sex, Lola is open to fulfilling these desires, so there are no limits.

The Pornstar Experience (PSE) is another thrilling option that brings the adult film world to you. Lola goes all out to provide a memorable and intense experience.

If you enjoy intense experiences, Lola’s Deepthroat technique is quite rare. Not many offer it, but she is a pro, which will surely be memorable.

If you’d like to capture the moments spent together, Lola is ready to create erotic photos and videos for you. This can be perfect if you want to revisit those special moments, all while ensuring the utmost discretion.

If you’re in the mood for something more exciting, Lola’s menu includes the golden shower service, available in both active and passive forms. This service can take intimate encounters to a new level, adding a bit of spice.

Lola is also open to group adventures, whether it’s a special threesome experience with a couple or a larger group gathering. Additionally, if you have a foot fetish, Lola’s foot worship service is the perfect choice. Whether it involves massages, toe sucking, or other foot-related play, she is ready to fulfill these desires.

The importance of closeness is also emphasized by Lola through deep, passionate kissing, which helps enhance intimacy and emotional connection. Her rimming service, which includes pleasurable stimulation of the anal area, is available in both active and passive forms, depending on what you prefer.

Finally, the prostate massage not only offers pleasure but also health benefits. Additionally, it elevates the experience, making it a special part of Lola’s treatments.

5 reasons why Lola Taylor is one of Moscow’s favorite pornstar escorts

If you’re considering Lola Taylor as your escort in Moscow, here’s why she’s the perfect choice. She offers unparalleled experiences and true professionalism.

  1. More than just a date: Lola Taylor doesn’t just show up; she promises a real adventure. Imagine an exciting night tour of the city with her or an exclusive party where every detail is meticulously arranged.
  2. Sensuality: Lola excels in providing all forms of indulgence at a high level. Picture yourself relaxing in a candlelit bath filled with scents, or unwinding during a deep massage as you let go of stress.
  3. Exciting games: If you like when someone else takes the lead, Lola can bring excitement to your evenings. She loves to take control, allowing you to explore new worlds and enchanting experiences with her.
  4. Closeness and intimacy: Lola’s kisses are deep and passionate, helping to bring you closer to her. If you’re looking for a genuine emotional connection, she can perfectly create a romantic atmosphere.
  5. Tailored adventures: Lola goes out of her way to ensure your meetings perfectly meet your desires. Whether you have special requests or just want a unique experience, she is always ready to make your dreams come true.


Lola Taylor is a truly special pornstar escort who has captivated not just Moscow but the world with her unique personality and dedication. The quality of the experiences she offers makes her one of the city’s most beloved escorts. If you’re looking for a memorable and exciting companion, Lola is perfect in every way.

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