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Erotic Sex Stories

Sex in London

Erotic story from London

11.20.2014 / Author: Jessica Love

Today I was travelling with a bus to my grandparents. During the travel, I saw a tourist bus from London on my Facebook wall and I remembered back to my sexual experience with one of my boyfriends. If you are an escort, you meet a lot of people, you fall in love with some nice guys, sometimes with your clients as well. This was what happened with me in that period, when I was an escort girl in London and I met that guy. He was so cute, kind, intelligent, he had lot of money, everything a girl could wish from a guy. He fell in love with me from the first time he saw me. After a few months of relationship I moved to London, and he wanted to make…   more

Dubai escort girl

A Dubai escort girl as a muse

11.19.2014 / Author: Jessica Love

During my life I learned that Dubai is one of the places where a lady can meet interesting people during her escort career. Like I always say, escorting is one of the most interesting works to do, because you have to combine many skills to become a remarkable high-class escort, which is the way to earn lot of money in this industry. A Dubai escort and the painter This story is about one of my adventures during my tour in Dubai. At the beginning, the plan was to stay there for two weeks, but someone changed my plans. An important client from the second week wanted to meet me a few days after I arrived. He pre-booked me weeks before for a different…   more

atmosphere dubai

Escort At.Mosphere

10.29.2014 / Author: Jessica Love

I think everyone wants to visit Dubai at least once in her lifetime and I am very glad that I could do it when I was an escort girl. During my tours in Dubai, I met lot of rich people from all over the world, but one of them had big influence and lot of money, he was the kind of super-rich person. Escort girl in Dubai So this client, let’s call him Josh, was one of my regular clients, he invited me sometimes to go with him on business trips or to spend vacations with him. In an evening, while I was on an escort tour in Dubai, he invited me to join him at a restaurant, more exactly in At.Mosphere. This restaurant is situated on the 122nd floor…   more

Wet experiences in Budapest

10.28.2014 / Author: Jessica Love

If I say wet, what do you think I refer to? No, this time it’s not my pussy, but if I think twice, my pussy was wet as well. Today was a very lazy rainy day in my country that made me remember to one of my best experiences with a man in Budapest, Hungary. Being an escort girl in Budapest is amazing, because like many people say, this is one of the most beautiful capital cities all over the world. This story is about my wet experience in a famous local bath, with a client, who was my boyfriend for one week. The meeting started in the Szechenyi Thermal Bath. I didn’t see him for a long time, because I was working in different countries,…   more

french kiss

Paris offers satisfaction

10.21.2014 / Author: Jessica Love

I was back to my lovely city, Paris. I always loved this city, because it’s full of light, good looking gentlemen, romanticism and satisfaction. Every girls dream is to spend a romantic evening with full of passion in this amazing city. I think French call girls have a great time there… Paris escorts and the clients This story happened with me after I told to my escort agency that this is the end, I want to do something else with my life, and I want to quit escorting. They insisted to let my profile on their website, because maybe I have a few travel meetings, which means extra money. I accepted. One day I was home, when my agency wrote me…   more

sex in the elevator

Sex in the elevator

10.05.2014 / Author: Jessica Love

So like you already know, I love to make sex in extreme places, because I enjoy feeling the adrenaline all the time. Today I visited an old friend, and he was living on the 10th floor, so I took the elevator to go up to his flat. While I was inside the elevator waiting to stop, I remembered back to an amazing story, that I have to tell you now. I cannot remember the exact details of the hotel I was staying in Oslo, but I know for sure I was in a business trip with a very good friend, my friend with benefits to be honest. So we went to a conference, where we dressed both very elegant, I wore a sexy and attractive long blue dress, I captured…   more


Our Guide to Unforgettable Italian Holidays with an Italian Escort of Lilyfields

09.26.2014 / Author: Jessica Love

Italy is a country made up almost solely of coast lines, which makes it a perfect country to indulge in beach-type holidays with a charming Italian escort from Lilyfields escort agency. The sea, which is the Mediterranean, is known under different names, depending on which area of the county it touches. For instance, in the south is the Tirreno and in the west is the Mar Ligure, the sole of the boot is the Iono and the east is the Adriatico. Some parts of the coastline are conservation areas and are particularly beautiful. Historically, little Italian villages were built in such a way that they could be defended and offer defence. They would…   more

new york escort girls

Orgy in New York

09.15.2014 / Author: Jessica Love

I don’t know if you have ever worked in New York, one of the biggest cities in the US. There are plenty of escort girls and clients, but there are strange wishes and special clients as well. Why am I telling this? You must follow my story line, and you will see. One day, my agency sent me a very interesting SMS: “you have a client, ok…not just a client, 3 clients, but they want to see you with 2 other girls from another agency, do you accept?” It was strange, very strange, because during my carrier as an escort girl, no one asked me to make things like this. I asked for the profiles of the other girls, because I wanted…   more

Greek escorts

High-class call girls in Greece

09.09.2014 / Author: Jessica Love

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Those who get a chance to visit it are able to touch the history by every step. In addition you will be able to become a part of the ancient civilization, which influenced the overall development of the whole world. There are lots of historical places and monuments that take you back to that epoch. However these are not all attractions that are available in this great country. Greek women are famous for their beauty. At the same time if you travel on your own, you will be able to meet with the most charming goddesses with the help of escorts in Greece. This kind of service is becoming…   more

cape town escorts

Sexy story from Cape Town

09.02.2014 / Author: Jessica Love

Cape Town is my favorite city from South Africa, I have to admit, I was there only for 2 or 3 days, I don’t remember exactly, but like always and everywhere, I have a very interesting sexual memory from here too. We slept in a very high class hotel, our room had a great view to the beach. All day long, after my love finished his business speech at the hotel’s conference room, we went to the beach and we had fun with some guys from Cape Town and some tourists, who liked my outfit a lot. Like you already know about me, I have beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair, sensual lips and enhanced tits, qualities which always attracted men’s…   more © 2018 | The site is owned and operated by LBG Pro LTD. 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom | All rights reserved!