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Erotic Sex Stories

sex is passionate

Sex is passionate - Part 2.

06.06.2013 / Author: Jessica Love

....I was unstoppable, squeezing and rubbing it up and down while I was sucking the penis with my mouth, swallowed it deep in my throat and keep it there for a few seconds ... I choked on it! Hmmm this is one of the best things in sex.. More foreplay 'n sex, my pussy comes into play And if I was allowed to suck his dick, now was the time to give him my pussy, but not too much because I wanted to feel his dick inside me during sex! I got up on my knees separated and sat down with my pussy on his face! I let him play with her a little ... How much pleasure I took ... His tongue touched my clitoris and caused tremors throughout my body ...…   more

outcall for escorts

Outcall for escorts

06.06.2013 / Author: Jessica Love

Hello beautiful! I invite you along the journey with me here in this website, because we have to learn a lot together. If you want to be a professional escort, I recommend you to come back from time to time and read my new lessons. Today we will learn about the outcall, but before let’s talk about the history. Just a little history before the “outcall lesson” I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie called “Geisha”, if not, then it is the movie that I highly recommend you to watch. Geishas were very popular during the eighteenth and nineteenth century, they still exist today, however their number is declining…   more

sex is passionate

Sex is passionate - Part 1.

06.02.2013 / Author: Jessica Love

It happens very often that I want something, and that something must be done! I was at work the whole day, waiting for the end of the day to go home. It was a usual day without anything special, so I had time to think and have my naughty sexual fantasies about sex! Yes, during the day at work I was thinking on sex a lot. Basically, I still not decided what I wanted to do, maybe just hang around somewhere with my partner, laughing together and sleep in his arms, or to have some hot sex as well. I have a very developed sexual appetite and my partners knows me very well when it comes to sex, we understand each other quite well in every situation. …   more © 2018 | The site is owned and operated by LBG Pro LTD. 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom | All rights reserved!