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Foot fetish escort lesson

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I have a lot of stories to tell you, but I think I will never have enough time to do it. There are many things to know if you want to become a professional escort, one important thing is to learn about fetish, and foot fetish. I want you to have trust in you, because you need it, yes, a lot. It’s a big advantage if you are sure that you want to be a professional escort, and if you do so, you should be a little bit crazy. Yes I am not joking, you need some craziness even in your sexual life. When we are talking about sex, you have to know your limits, your borders, I tell you my personal experiences what I learned during my work, my dirty imagination excited me a lot. This is only because I really enjoy sex.  


Fetish is a big sexual favourite

Like I said in my previous escort lessons, there are men with fetish. Today I am going to speak about one kind of fetish, which is the foot fetish. What can I say about this client? How I see them? They are peaceful, they doesn’t harm, they like just legs and mostly to have sex with your legs, that’s it. This is foot fetish about! Don’t laugh, like you read they like your legs, so I believe that you realized that you need a perfect pedicure! I believe that red coloured pedicure excites these type of customers the most, they find it very sexy, so do not hesitate to ask about their taste, you will not bother them at all! You should be someone that your clients want. Like other clients, they like sexy lingerie too. Try something provocative from a lingerie or sex shop, they like sandals with high heels, to see your feet in those. These customers who need foot fetish love to see your feet in shoes that doesn’t cover everything, so half-opened sandals and shoes can be a perfect choice.  

Foot fetish services

Now let’s move on to the foot fetish services you need to offer. Like I said, this client likes your feet, everything is about them. Maybe he will ask you to touch his face with your feet while he is lying or sitting in the bed. Be prepared, if you are not sporty, sometimes you will start shaking as you have to “work” a lot with your legs. This client sometimes likes to play with your feet in his mouth, even to put your heels in his mouth, to suck your fingers, one by one, or to bite your soles, he is crazy about them! A foot fetish “customer” often likes to be tortured by your soles, continue to play on his face, on the belly, go down to his penis, for him everything is exciting, every touch he has with your soles or toes. After you played with the face, you need to finish him with your feet, you will see how hard it is! Or maybe you will like it, if you are sportier. You need to stay in front of him, while he is standing with legs apart and you have to catch his penis with your soles. You must find a perfect rhythm that he prefers and don’t forget, that he needs a lot of lubrication for an intense pleasure, so use oil! To make the rubbing with your soles more pleasant, try to change and trap his penis between your fingers, insisting on the top. A great foot job is rare so practice.

If you are good enough, and you do your foot fetish like I explained above, I am sure he will like it. This is for today, I hope you’ve learned again, till next time sweet kisses my escort girls!

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