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The Glamour of Being a London Escort erotic story

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Meg is one of the many escorts in London who earns a great income of about GBP8,000 per week. She would meet a client at a five star hotel for 3 hours and leave with a thousand pounds in her wallet. She entertains clients 3-4 times per week and also accepts overnight appointments. What she does with the money is similar to what other girls will do when they have extra to spend: buy the things that they need and want.

Meg has been in the industry for 10 years now. She was introduced to escorting by a guy whom she met on one of her night outs. Her first try was in lap dancing, but easily realized that she was not meant for it; and also she didn’t like gyrating in high heels and getting blisters in her feet. Therefore, she tried other types of services, which she loved and wanted to do for her living. She was taken to romantic dinners and the theater and also to lovely holidays.

Men like her

Meg is very willing to meet new people and she has great attitude. She will spend a good time with men and make them happy with her services. Having ten years experience helps her to win the attention of many customers as opposed to other ladies who are new in the business. (Although there are a few men who desire escorts who are lacking in experience. This lack of expertise makes the girls more passionate in their companionship).

Some of them are regular customers, having known that the London escort agency, where she is listed is a good one. Therefore, whenever they come to London, they just call and request for the company of Meg. Usually they go to dinner and cocktail and when it’s over, they have sex in the client’s hotel room. Many of these men are aware that Meg, along with the other girls, is treated well by the agency. While Meg gives a portion of her fee to the agency, she gets to keep a bigger portion for herself. She has told these men that’s she’s into escorting because the working hours are easy and she gets better money than she could find in other jobs. Her customers are mostly intelligent businessmen and travel to London constantly. They love to hire blonde escorts like Meg for short term satisfaction and for the fact that the relationship doesn’t make them emotionally involved and there would be no cheating or deception. These guys want sex, Meg wants money. If both of them can enjoy the companionship, then it’s a great deal.

Meg as a London escort

Meg is a professional companion that men can hire short term to provide them companionship whenever they visit London. She will be happy to accompany these guys if they need to attend an important event or when they simply want to have someone by their side. A lot of business men need a female companion when they travel for business and Meg loves business trips. She is aware that it can be very lonely for a man when he has no one to speak to, especially if it is the man’s first time to be in the capital. With her lively personality, Meg can turn a boring trip into a great adventure. Being one of the London escort, Meg is intelligent and smart and is gorgeous from head to toe.

Meg is one of the busty escorts of London, which means her busts are large. If you look at the websites’ galleries, you will see how many of these girls are available in London for in-calls and outcalls. Girls with bust sizes ranging from 32C to 36F are usually preferred by the male clientele. Whatever the shape and size maybe of a companion, men will always be looking at their breasts and this will be their number one preference.

Meg also is among her agency’s A-level escorts; but she opted to hide the truth from her first boyfriend. When he found out, he got very angry and called her “disgusting” and even told her family. Luckily her parents gave her their support. From then on, she always told her partners about what she does and each of the guys seem to never mind. It could be because Meg has a nice and up market apartment and the guy is living with her and she spends for the groceries and shopping.

Being an escort London isn’t always glamorous, Meg says. She has met nearly all types of men and they are not the same. Some are too old and smelly and the others are too fat. Some have bad body odor and the others have bad breaths. However, Meg doesn’t consider them horrible. They’re actually very nice; they just fail to come up to Meg’s level of standard personal hygiene. Many of the clients, though, have great bodies and smell.

Find an Escort

London escorts like Meg are available in many places, but most especially through the internet. Someone need only to search for a good London escort service by visiting several websites, browsing through the galleries and taking a pick. The client and the agency should first agree on some details such as payment terms, in-call or outcall, etc. before setting the rendezvous.

Often, looking at the gallery pages of beautiful escorts London can be overwhelming and guys may not be able to make a choice. However, they can ask for assistance from the staff of the agency. These friendly receptionists can easily find a match for a particular client, because they know all their girls personally. Those who think that one girl is not enough to make them completely satisfied may choose to book two ladies instead of only one. It all depends on the desired level of fun by the client. If you ask Meg about people looking down at her job, she will say that being a London escort makes her happy and she likes to do it. She does not mind what people will say because these people do not help her pay her bills and for her food. © 2018 | The site is owned and operated by LBG Pro LTD. 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom | All rights reserved!