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Work as an escort erotic story

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My name is Veronica and I'm a call girl. Hmmm...what exactly does that mean? Well, I spend my time with men who like the finer things in life. For instance, just last week I met a sweet man named Daniel for drinks.


He was in town for a few nights on business. At first he wasn't sure he was ready to even spend time with independent escorts. You know how it goes. First you start looking around on our site. Then you see many of us drop-dead gorgeous babes and you start fantasizing. Daniel felt the same way. But then he got his nerve and called me. We spoke for a while about what he was interested in doing together. Then agreed to meet in the local pub called Chelsea's downtown. It's a very busy place so I wasn't even sure I could recognize him.


The thing you really need to think about if you're looking to hire escort agencies to get access to us beautiful women is to be ready to have some delicious fun. Daniel and I finally met in the corner of Chelsea's. He was very cute and middle-aged. I love guys in the mid - 40's and 50's because they truly know how to treat a lady who is more than willing to make them extremely happy. After a few hours over way too many cosmos (yes, we were a little drunk) we decided it was time to go back to his hotel. Now normally I like to get an idea how many of my services men want from me. Some gentlemen only want sex. Now I love getting it on just like you probably do but remember, you're paying for my time. Whatever happens after that is just between you and me.


Daniel wanted my premium massage package, which is very popular. It starts out with a very relaxing deep rub down with essential oils. I like doing them in my panties and bra so I can make sure to get nice and wet. It's an erotic experience and I can assure you many of us independent escorts are experts at the practice. Daniel was very excited after about thirty minutes of me slowly rubbing down all of those important parts. Afterwards, we made our way into the bedroom for some exotic fun. You know the type. He was amazing and really made me feel wonderful knowing I could please him over and over again all night. One of my favorite things to do is treat you like you're the only man on the planet. So don't be shy about what really makes you go wild in bed. You deserve to feel the sensual touch of hot babe who knows how to get you relaxed and put a smile on your face. Daniel actually hired me for two nights and we had a lot of personal time together getting to know every part of one another (over and over again). Don't be shy. Look around our website right now and then pick up the phone and call one or two of us. We're ready to please you. © 2018 | The site is owned and operated by LBG Pro LTD. 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom | All rights reserved!