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You Won’t Believe She Was a London Escort erotic story

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This story happened years ago, when Yvonne had decided to go job hunting, so she could support her college studies. She had a job then as an office clerk, but the pay was very low and she could hardly make ends meet. She learned from a friend, an escort London, that her agency had an opening for a receptionist. Even if she didn’t know anything about the business or whether it’s legitimate or not, she applied for the position. She was called in for an interview, which she passed and she was hired for the position. Yvonne was in-charge of registering every call, arranging a date with London escorts on the request of the clients, receiving fees and screening the clients, to see if they were serious.

Within the months that followed, she worked as a receptionist and spent time with other companions in the London escort agency whenever they were free. They shared with her their lives as paid companions in the city. One day she received a call asking for one of the agency’s new escorts London as he had dated nearly every girl and he wanted to have a different one that time.

The problem was that no one was available for him. It was Yvonne’s manager, who suggested that she meet the client. This terrified her and did not want to go at first. She thought then that her manager and everybody else at the agency had treated her well. Therefore, she agreed, but made it clear that no intimate interactions would happen between her and the client. It should only be pure companionship and massage. As arranged, Yvonne would meet the guy at a hotel in central London. She was feeling uneasy when she reached the 3rd floor of the hotel, where her client was housed. She knocked at the door and waited, controlling the urge to leave. Then the door opened and she found herself face to face with a hunk of a man wearing a t-shirt and a pair of black pants. Looking at his face, she realized that he was good looking and his body was well proportioned. Yvonne smiled, extended her hands and introduced herself. The guy invited the “new” London escort in. Henry, the guy, had a nice and luxurious room. He handed Yvonne an open envelope, which contained her payment and she put it in her bag. Then she asked Henry’s permission to use the bathroom - to look at herself and to inform her agency that everything is going on well. When she went out, she was given a glass of wine, which she consumed too easily. Henry noticed this and Yvonne admitted that she was a bit nervous because it was her very first assignment. With a cute smile, Henry seemed to understand. Yvonne thought of a good approach and she started by telling him about her schooling and her desire to see the world, which are the reasons why she was working in an industry with easy money and flexible working hours. This made them comfortable with each other and Henry also told her about his life; that he married at an early age. While his profession was taking off, his wife split up with him. This was the reason why Henry became a regular customer of the agency. He dated almost every type of girl, including A-level escorts. He also mentioned that he also wanted to see the world and there was a time when he thought of hiring one of the London escort girls to accompany him on his travelling expedition.

Now that Henry owns the company that he was working for, he said that maybe the two of them can travel together and visit some beautiful locations. It was not an immediate plan, but perhaps in 3-6 months, he promised to contact her, if she is still providing a London escort service. When they both got hungry, Henry invited her to go down to the restaurant within the hotel to eat. They chose a table at the corner and ordered their food. While eating, they continued talking about vacations and the most beautiful places to visit. At this time, Yvonne remembered the stories shared to her by other London escorts in the agency; stories about what they do to please their clients and because Yvonne had also had sex experiences with her former partners, she decided to get naughty this time. There were only a few diners around and nobody seemed to be looking at them. She decided to drop a knife and pretended to pick it up, but instead of standing up straight, she went directly under the table and touched Henry’s manhood and found it hard. She was covered by a large table-cloth, so that even when the waiter came to them to serve the desert, she was not noticed. Yvonne opened Henry’s zipper and took out his penis, put it into her mouth and began sucking. Her former boyfriend has taught her how to make a good blow job and she used this knowledge on him. Henry was groaning silently, afraid that someone may hear him. He finally came around and his load shot at her mouth deeply and she swallowed most of it. Henry had a second round of their encounter when they got back to the room. When Yvonne reported to the agency the next day, her manager was all praises for her. Henry called him and told him that he was satisfied with Yvonne’s performance. She became one of the full time escorts in London and left her job as a receptionist. She stayed with the agency, though and was a great addition to its collection of busty escorts, having a bust size of 34DD and because she had blonde hair, Yvonne was included in the agency’s category of blonde escorts. The experience that Yvonne had in her first assignment is unbelievable. Who would ever agree that she is new in the field of escorting with that kind of performance? Nobody, I would say. © 2018 | The site is owned and operated by LBG Pro LTD. 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom | All rights reserved!