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Always ask the money first! escort lesson

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Today I will tell you one of my incidents, that’s still in my mind after so many years. I wanted to share it with you because I want you to be prudent, to know how to handle such a case. I don’t know if I can classify the clients, but I know that there are clients with good intentions, who are looking for pleasure and relaxation only, and clients who just want to hurt you. They come to rob you, to scare you, or some of them want to have sex with you without to pay. Like other jobs, being an escort doesn’t mean only milk and honey. Some times you will deal with unpleasant situations...

Escort work can be safe through an escort agency

If you could have your own bodyguard to protect you, to stay all the time behind your door, and to help you every time you need would be perfect. Being an escort is not an easy job, that’s true. But if you keep in your mind a few rules, you will have no problems. First of all! If you want to do an escort job, work with an escort agency. A serious one! Like this you’ll have exactly what prices you deserve, the clients will respect you more, and you will feel safer and more protected.

Second! Take care of your money! Don’t keep them in the safe box! This is a huge mistake that many girls are doing! Find different places, in case a customer is horny after your money, not after you.

Third! Always ask the money from the client before the action moment! Ask your money after he entered on the door, and you have introduced to each other. In this case, you will not have surprises after the meeting! I’m telling you this, because I had this problem with one of my clients. It was my first tour and I was a silly girl, without experience. It was an outcall…I dressed myself very nice, in a sexy black dress, with high hells, my nails painted in red and with a red lipstick. Almost all the clients are dying about this combination. In my bag I put very sexy underwear, with some fishnets, a dildo, and of course, some condoms. You don’t have to forget about CONDOMS! I was a little bit nervous, like something bad will happen.

I arrived at the address, I called at the door bell, but without answer. I told to myself to wait a few minutes, maybe he’s busy with something else. Meanwhile, I strange guy left the building. He started to look at me from head to toes. He seemed to wait for somebody… After a few minutes, without words, he entered in the building. I called again at the door bell. After a few seconds, somebody answered. I checked the agency message. Third floor, room 34, Mr. Tompkings. I knocked at the door. Mr. Tompkings invited me inside… It was the same guy that I met outside. Everything seemed to be ok. A bottle of champagne was waiting for me… 

After I introduced myself, I went to the bathroom to take a quick shower and to put my wild outfit. I came back to him with a huge smile on my face. He had no time even to open the champagne. We started to kiss each other. I cannot deny that it was some chemistry between us. We had two hours of intense sex. We did everything it’s possible during those two hours: multiple times normal sex, anal, kissing, blowjob, even he took some pictures with me, while my face was full of his sperm.


If you are an escort girl always ask the money first

He made me forgot completely that I have to ask for the money, first! To ask the money first it’s a very important rule! Nobody wants to work for nothing! Two hours had passed. I went to the bathroom and I got dressed… Sorry, can you please give me “the gift”. In escort, this is the nice way to ask for the money. He went fast to the office table and started to write me a check. Sorry, I don't receive checks. Only cash, and I’m sure that my agency informed you about this.

He told me that he didn’t knew. In the same second, I took my phone and texted to the agency. Of course he was lying. He just didn’t want to pay me. I asked him twice to give me the money that I deserve. He started to laugh and told me that he cannot pay…he has no money. I couldn’t do anything. I was so nervous, tears almost began to flow on my cheeks. I only told him that it’s not nice to treat me like this, as long as I did my job. I couldn’t do anything else. I couldn’t start to hit or yell at him. He was a solid guy, like 1.90 height and 110 weight. It’s a very big mistake to start to argue or beat a client. You will not have anything to win…maybe some bruises.

I left his house very nervous and I went back to my hotel. This outcall left me a really bad taste but, at least, I have learned something. I will not make the same mistake twice. You, girls, shouldn’t be silly like I was! I hope you will learn from my story before starting an escort career. Kisses to all!

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