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Angels of Los Angeles escort lesson

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About five years ago I was a very famous porn star and escort girl in the US, to be more specific, in Los Angeles. Because I hate to work alone, I went there with one of the girls from the agency I was working with, a very good agency, which offered me always the best clients and places to discover.

We were blonde and brunette girls, everyone wanted to book us, because we were famous porn stars all around the world, so we didn’t have time to rest. Because I adored lesbian shows, and sex with girls too, when I had the opportunity, I accepted trios.

A client was interested about us, but the only problem was that we never had time for him at same time. One day, after the agency begged us to work after 12 pm, we accepted the client because he wanted to pay double price per hour just to see us playing with each other. Obviously, we accepted, because I had to admit, after we finished our daily work sometimes we had sex with my girlfriend as well.

So when the client booked us, he told the agency he wants some lesbian show from us, but this wasn’t a problem. When he arrived, we were dressed in black and white, like he asked: one of us in black lingerie and high heels, and the other one with white lingerie, stockings and without high heels, like angel-demon combination. We accepted his challenge, and we were ready to play his games.

When he arrived, he gave us the money, and we started to undress him slowly, while we were kissing all his body, from his neck, till his… cock. When we finally get there to offer him a blowjob, he stopped us: he wanted now us to play with each other. We started to kiss, deep French kissing was our favorite, but with one eye, we were looking at him, how excited he was. The demon started to undress the angel, while she was licking her perfect tits, we were moaning both, and during a slow dance, we undressed each other.

He wanted to see us in the 69 position, so we started to lick each other’s wet pussy, while we were fingering at the same time each other. We proposed that we won’t stop till both of us have an orgasm. Our play was so exciting, we knew each other’s deep secrets, erotic zones, everything to make each other come. Our game was about 5 minutes long, till that our client was watching us, with his hard cock in his hands, we saw on him that he was to explode in few seconds, but then we went to him, started to make a blowjob, and in one minute he came in our mouths.

In the hour that remained, he fucked us continuously, but we enjoyed each second, because we received our orgasms too. This client was very glad of his experience, and the agency told us that he wrote lot of good reviews about us. Girls, this is the way you can satisfy men and get regular clients.

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