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Dinner date at Washington erotic story

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Like you already know from my other stories, working as porn star in US is legal, I had a lot of jobs there as a porn star actress, I enjoyed my male actors, everyone was just kind.

But what about being a porn star escort in Washington? You have to be careful, because US laws prohibit any kind of paid sex. If you are working with a good escort agency, you won’t have problems, because like you know, escorting is selling your time, and what happens next between you and your client, is obviously your choice, because you are adults, nothing can stop you to have good sex together, but also other memorable moments.

Today I want to tell you an interesting story in Washington, a funny one. So I was working with an escort agency there, they told me that I have an outcall at X hotel (I don’t want to give the name of the hotel), they told me this will be a dinner date. So the client booked me for 4 hours. When I have dinner dates with my clients, I am always dressing elegant, sexy, but casual in same time. I don’t use very garish make up, because then everyone looks at me, and knows: I am an escort girl, who is going to meet a very rich business man, they will eat caviar, drink champagne together, and after they will go to the man’s hotel room, they will have sex, good sex, and end of the story.

I don’t like stories like this: I want to offer all the time to my clients the best experiences, because I am a high class escort girl. So my story starts at the restaurant, where I met my nice, young, full of muscle client. He was suspicious to me, like I saw him before, but I didn’t know where. We started talking about life, family, love, stupid things.

Anyway, he told me he has his own business, he earns a lot of money, he enjoys his job, but he wants me to be his secretary. I obviously refused, because I stood there only for couple of weeks, and I already had my job, which I liked a lot. After 2 hours of eating and speaking, he started to put me a lot of questions about my job, than he was more than suspicious. Like I was at police, and a cop interrogates me. Strange, anyway, I was very discreet in answering to his questions.

When he told me he can offer me more, if I am going with him for all night to have sex together, to have fun, I was sure. He was a cop. I obviously refused his offer, I told him I am not providing sex for money, than he laughed, and he told me I am an intelligent bitch.

Without saying hello, he let me there all alone. The only thing he told me before leaving was: “I wanted to arrest you, I am a cop, but you are a smart bitch, till next time”. Then I realized I saw him in TV, arresting a prostitute. Wonderful story.

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