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Escort agencies and hotel tours escort lesson

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If you want to be a good escort, you have to stay in the best hotels when it’s time to make escort tours organized by escort agencies. I prefer matrimonial rooms, and the hotel has to be big enough to do not have problems when your clients come up to your room. When I started my hotel tours organized by my escort agencies, because of precaution I changed my hotels every four days, let me explain why: first of all for my security, I didn’t want any former clients to come back to the hotel with whatever reason…  Some of your former clients can knock on your door and this can bother your present programming. Believe me, it happens as you will meet all kind of crazy people! It’s better to stay away from them, so be careful! Another important thing is, that you don’t want to have problems at the reception, as they can call the police if they find out what you are doing in their hotel. The best escort agencies have the solution for these problems, and they are prepared for these situations.  


Escort agencies help you to organize your program

Many girls are not really interested about these details, but I had to tell you, as I like to think before I run into problems! So let’s start the real topic, are you curious how I do a day at work? I am here to explain you. First of all, it’s important to know exactly what escort agencies are capable to do. Does your escort agency prepare your program and help you to organize your days? Only the best escort agencies do it. Before we go into the details, you have to know that there was a reason why I changed the topic from our clients to agencies, but do not afraid, we will go back on those as well. So let’s talk about our subject, like I said, I want to tell you how should a day at work look, when you are ready to be a professional escort!  


Escort work have to be precise

I like to wake up at 8 a.m., because I believe when you are working, you need to wake up in the morning. Some escort agencies even help you to get up, they give you an alarm call in time. Then I eat my breakfast, croissants, yogurt and fruits, some coffee and sweet milk. I have to eat enough, as I am a luxury escort girl, who needs a lot of energy throughout the day. The next hour or so is about to prepare myself, I wash myself, prepare my skin and body parts, make my hair and do the makeup. I have to beautiful all day. Of course I choose a sexy lingerie as well.

From 10 o’clock I am ready to work. Usually I work until 5 p.m. non-stop, then I take an hour break to eat and relax. Escort agencies which are prepared for luxury escort tours, can help you to book your clients while you are working, it’s something that is very important. Sometimes I work until midnight in the hotel, sometimes I go out for an outcall, it depends on the clients. The most important thing is to be ready when your escort agency makes your bookings, clients and escort agencies do not like escort girls who are not reliable.  


Choose escort agencies, which are professional

I say it’s pleasant to be an escort, as you always visit different cities, new places, and it’s not hard at all. I never forget to go out for shopping in each city I visit, as my wardrobe has to be full with new, good looking clothes. Do not hesitate to take care of yourself, you deserve it! When it’s time to choose your escort agency, go through those escort agencies which have reputation in the industry, avoid escort agencies with low reputation and bad service… There are many of them which just try to take your money without a real service. I hope you enjoyed my lesson and be ready for the next one! See You girls!

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