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Escort work in Santiago de Chile escort lesson

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I was travelling all around the world, but I missed one interesting place, Santiago de Chile, because, I don’t know why, just never had the occasion to visit this amazing place. But don’t worry I am well documented about the place, and its beauties.

If you know some geography, because being a high-class escort girl, you have to know some, Santiago is the capital city and economic center of Chile, which is situated in South America. Also it is a very well known cultural center because of its bars, museums, theatres, restaurants and other entertainment facts and for an escort girl, it is also a great place to earn some money. I think in this period, I don’t tell you any new thing about the fact that is better to work with escort agencies, because they can offer you the best clients from all around the world. It’s also true in Chile.

There are a lot of fake escort agencies, which ask for your money in advance, be very careful with those, because maybe you are booking your hotel, you are waiting for your clients, but no one come and you will have a bad surprise. So learn from these stories, not from your mistakes.

Unfortunately, besides the beauties of this place, which I present you briefly in few moments, being an escort girl or porn star escort in Santiago is not so easy, you have to be discreet. Like everywhere, thieves are waiting for girls, so be careful. So don’t go in the city with extravagant jewelry or something that could capture others eyes.

Now after I warned you let’s see the sunny side of this gorgeous city. I saw few photos about night view of the financial sector of Santiago, and the whole city that captured my attention. I must visit this city, and you too. At the center of the financial center you can visit the Gran Torre Santiago, which is the tallest building in South America.

I visited some states where air was very fresh, but here, I read that air is polluted, so if you have medical problems, I don’t recommend you this city. Only a few historical buildings from the Spanish colonial period remain in the city, because Santiago – like the rest of the country – is regularly hit by earthquakes. Extant buildings include the Casa Colorada (1769), the San Francisco Church (1586), and Posada del Corregidor (1750). (Wiki) Also if you want to see something beautiful, you must visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, which is one of the most representative and beautiful works from colonial architecture, so you won’t be disappointed.

Nowadays, lot of people adores cycling, and if you, dear reader, are a fan, you are in good place: there are lot of networks of bicycle in the city, but for other type of recreation, you can visit some of the major parks, so called San Cristobal Hill, which includes the Santiago Metropolitan Park Zoo, Forestal Park, park located at the city center alongside Mapocho river.

I think I presented you some of the major tourist attraction in Santiago, Chile, and I promise you, when I will visit this city, I give you more details.

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