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Escorts in Luxembourg escort lesson

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Luxembourg is a very small country, one of the smallest sovereign country in Europe , but being an escort there is very attractive, and today I want to speak you a little about my escort experiences in this amazing country.

Luxembourg escorts should work with an escort agency

I talked a lot with my agency and with some girls at the beginning, because I thought that it is a small country and I will not have so many customers, but I was wrong, because Luxembourg is one of the richest countries in the world, it’s economy is very developed.

I was providing my escort services in the city of Luxembourg, which is the capital and largest city in that area, with big companies and agencies and a lot of rich clients, waiting for the most beautiful escort girls to pay for their services. This country is a multilingual one, so you will be able to speak in languages like French, German, Luxembourgian or English with your customers, you have nothing to worry about, everything will be just perfect.

If you like culture, I highly recommend you the National Museum of History and Art and Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art, because when I was touring Luxembourg, I visited these places and I was very excited. Also if you want to try some good foods, you must visit this country, because its cuisine is very various, a combination between Italia, German, French and other cuisines, so believe me, you will be fully satisfied of the taste of their foods. I recommend you to taste Judd mat Gaardebounen served with boiled potatoes and Diekirch beer, Bouneschlupp which is considered to be a Luxemburgish national dish or Träipen, which is the Luxembourg variant of black pudding. Also you must visit the center of the capital city, which is full of old buildings, like Gothic Revival Cathedral of Notre Dame, the fortifications, the Grand Ducal Palace, the Gëlle Fra war memorial, the casemates, the Neumünster Abbey, the Place d'Armes, the Adolphe Bridge and the city hall.

The clients of Luxembourg escorts

So now you know what places to visit, let’s speak about Luxembourgian clients a little. Maybe I had a big luck, but I can affirm that all my clients on my tour in Luxembourg were very nice and good looking gentlemen. I stayed in a central place, where the most of the major banks are, so I had to admit, that most of my clients came from those places. I got a lot of gifts from them, lot of chocolates, perfumes, champagne and a lot of interesting gifts I never thought I get. Believe me, in my first tour, I won most of my clients, when I went on more tours, my regulars came to visit me over and over again, they were always satisfied with my performance.

Today I want to present you one of my clients, a very nice police officer, who was one of my best clients in Luxembourg. First time when he came and presented himself, I was a little bit scared because of his job, but I had just positive experiences with him. On the first meeting he asked important things about me, like favorite perfume, drink, food, sport, designer, everything. After the first meeting with him, I made everything he wanted from me. I offered him great porn star experience, but at the same time girlfriend experience as well. The only thing he wanted from me was to act like his girlfriend. He was a very sensible guy, he offered me a lot of respect, he was always tender, he treated me like I was his queen, and I never felt that he considers me a whore, because believe me, I had many experiences, when my clients misunderstood the term escort and they thought I am a simple prostitute. Whatever, once he told me that he wants only blowjob, without sex, I was a little bit surprised, because he always wanted soft sex, but then he told me he saw one of my movies and he wanted exactly the same dress, make up and a role-play. I didn’t have the same dress, but I had something quite similar, he let me to prepare myself, I put up the same make up, I arranged my hair and I was ready to offer one of the best experiences of his life.

We started to kiss, I slowly undressed him, kissing and caressing all his body, he enjoyed very much when I was licking his nipples, so obviously I was doing this little soft play with him, because he deserved it. I went lower and lower, till I started to rub his balls with my right hand, and with the left I was holding his dick in it. I started to kiss his cock slowly, and then I started to make him a blowjob, slowly at the beginning, continuing harder and harder, deeper and deeper, and finally I deep throated him. He was moaning load, I was looking deep in his eyes, he was so nice when he was excited, like a little boy, but I knew he will come and he wants to come on my face. I started to move my head faster, and when I saw he is close, I started to rub his cock with my hand, and here we come: my face was full of sperm. He laughed when finally came back to reality, I was quite funny.

When you are going on tour in Luxembourg, I recommend you to find the best escort agency, because in this way, you will sure you will have a lot of work, and believe me, you will go home with a lot of money if you are good in this job.

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