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Erotic Sex Stories

from 2013

Belgium escorts, Brussels escort

Belgium escort girls

12.12.2013 / Author: Jessica Love

Belgium escorts is the topic for today my sweet escort girls. First of all, it’s always good to know some details about the country or city you want to work as an escort, it’s the same when you want to be one of the Belgium escorts. Belgium is one of the Western European countries, it’s capital called Brussels or often written as Bruxelles. The country is a mixture of Dutch, French and German speaking citizens, with about 11 million inhabitants. When Belgium escorts want to work there the best choice for them to work in the capital, as escort Brussels can make the best money. The fact is, Belgium escorts can choose other cities…   more

Escort Miami

Escorts in Miami

12.10.2013 / Author: Jessica Love

This topic is about escort Miami works and what are the most important things you must know if you want to be one of the Miami escorts. First of all, if you are a travel girl or an escort girl who likes to go around the world, escort Miami jobs can be a possibility for you. You can work in Miami, as escort in Miami is popular, but also you can attend many different social events or parties as well. Because Miami is one of the most popular party places in the US, Miami escorts have the chance to party all the time, so stay focused! Escort Miami girls must know some basic principles about the job, so here I give you some facts about escorts in Miami…   more

budapest escorts

Budapest call girls are everywhere

12.06.2013 / Author: Jessica Love

This lesson is about Budapest escorts and call girls in Hungary. Budapest, the capital of Hungary is well known as one of the most important cities of the adult industry in Europe. Together with Prague they are the leading cities when it’s time to make porn movies. Most of the porn producers have to travel to these countries to make their movies if they want to do shootings in Europe. But what about Budapest escorts? We have to say that you would be surprised how many you can find. First of all, there are the nightclubs and streaptease clubs. Many people come here, most of the times from England or from other Western European countries to…   more

Prague escorts

Prague the city of pornography

12.02.2013 / Author: Jessica Love

This lesson is about to know more about the city of Prague and Prague escorts. Of course I am not going to write you about the famous places and the beauty of the city, if you are interested search Google or go their personally, it’s worth to do as it’s an amazing European city. As the capital of the Czech Republic, it’s not only beautiful, historical and the economical centre of the country, but also the sexual centre of not only the Czech Republic, but also one of the most important cities next to Budapest, when it’s about sex tourism. If we are talking about the Eastern-European region, or better to say the Middle-East,…   more

Dubai escorts

How is escort work in Dubai?

11.29.2013 / Author: Jessica Love

Dear escort girls, today I am going to write about Dubai escorts and about the escort work in the United Arab Emirates. First of all, we have to clarify that this region of the world is rich, it’s developing very fast and there are many cities where escorts could work. However, as the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai became the number one priority for escort girls. Dubai escorts have great possibility to meet local and foreign business men in the city, who have the money and the willingness to pay for escorts in Dubai. Dubai escorts and outcalls Well, most of the escort works in Dubai are about to outcall Dubai escorts. Clients…   more

Sex in the morning

A sexy morning

11.27.2013 / Author: Jessica Love

It happened in the morning, last weekend. We went out with my boyfriend the other night and had some drinks, so we got up late around 1 pm. As usually after bigger parties, I felt hungary, sleepy and horny as well. I had no problem with hangovers, so I was in a good mood after all. We had a great night with our friends, the only thing was missing was the sex as we were too tired when we came home. As I woke up I felt my pussy was wet, I wanted to have a dick inside me. Softly I touched my boyfriend’s dick and started to play with it. He was still sleeping but he woke up immediately with a big smile on his face. He turned towards me and kissed…   more

Sex in the school - Pt.2.

11.21.2013 / Author: Jessica Love

We went into the room of the gym, David closed the door with the key. He said, normally noone comes here as the necessary things are outside. He made me relaxed, as I was a little bit afraid what happens if someone finds us there. He turned me around and started to kiss me again. Now he touched my boobs as well and started to massage them, it felt so good. I was sure something good was going to happen, so I let him to do what he wanted. His kiss became even more passionate, as he held me strongly I felt something down, his dick was rock hard already. I was sure that I am going to see his cock, and I wanted to do so. I touched it through his trousers,…   more

Sex in the school

Sex in the school - Pt.1.

11.21.2013 / Author: Jessica Love

This story happened with when I was a 16 years old girl in the school. Basically I was already nice at that age, I had round ass and bigger boobs than other girls in the class, so I had many guys who wanted to date me. My parents were really conservative people, but they could not avoid to buy me some sexy clothes as well. I started to feel that I am not a little girl anymore, the sexy woman started to take place inside me. There was a guy, who was 17 years old and we had already a few dates. I liked him and he liked me as well, our first kiss was in our third date and everything went well. One day we went to the school, and we both finished at…   more

Berlin escorts

The best escort girls in Berlin

11.21.2013 / Author: Jessica Love

I think it’s necessary to write about Berlin escorts in the escort lessons section of this website. Why? Because to be an escort in Berlin can be very profitable, but escorts in Berlin have the highest range of competitors in Western Europe. Germany is well known from it’s wide range of sexual services, many escort girls are working in the country in different massage saloons, studios or through escort agencies. Berlin escorts have the largest number of clients because of the city, but it’s the hardest city to earn money without connections as well. Many escorts in Berlin go to smaller cities, other well known cities among escorts…   more

escorts around the world

Escorts around the world - Pt.3.

11.06.2013 / Author: Jessica Love

So in the last two parts of the escorts around the world topic I was writing about the most important European countries when it’s about escort works. Other countries like Italy can be very good as well, the northern part of Europe or the southern like Spain are not so strong as the ones mentioned before. The „funny” part is that the Eastern-European countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary or Ukraine, Romania are the countries where 99% of the escorts came from. So these countries are very-very weak if we are talking about clients, but most of the new generation escorts are still from these countries. Let’s…   more © 2018 | The site is owned and operated by LBG Pro LTD. 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom | All rights reserved!