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Escort in Los Angeles erotic story

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My name is Victoria and yes, I am an escort in Los Angeles. Although my last client, Evan, who lives in Santa Monica kept calling me Vicky. I'm not sure why but here's how I met him...


My Los Angeles escort services

But first I need to confess something that's true. I have always wanted to work for myself as an escort in Los Angeles. I know, it sounds sleazy right? Too bad. I love getting banged but guess what? I can't stand clingy boyfriends who track my every move. So a few nights ago my phone went off again. Hmmm...I thought. Time for my Los Angeles escort services again. I only accept client texts as a way to protect my identity as an escort in Los Angeles. Normally we'll chat next and then figure out a place to meet.

Evan works at NBC studios. No, he's not some gorgeous movie star but is really a sweet guy. Just after 9:30, we met in the lobby of the Santa Monica Hilton. Bingo. Love it when a client goes all out booking a suite on the top floor.

"Vicky baby," he whispered in my ear coming up from behind me. "I'm Evan and your my lover 'til 10A tomorrow."


Call girl and sexuality

As I turned around to get my first look you'll never guess what I saw. A sweet-looking blonde man, in his 40's who had a decent body. But wait, he had something I absolutely love: manners. He took me by the hand and we slipped into the bar. Dry martini is usually my drink but he ordered for me. I love that. We sipped margaritas for a few hours laughing and touching. Now in case you've been living under a rock, guys aren't really into down and dirty escort in Los Angeles sluts. They expect high class escorts who take care of themselves. It's not like I'm a lipstick lesbian but I can pull off the classy look turning plenty of heads.

Wait. Now that I mentioned the lesbo thing I need to tell you something. I know guys love two chicks. Last Tuesday I did a Latina escort in Los Angeles night club gig. We screwed some guy who always wanted to try it. She was delicious and I must admit, I kind of liked going down on her. But Evan really just wanted an escort girl in Los Angeles date night experience so by midnight we were half drunk in his suite.

So who makes the first move? Normally I do. Most men are nervous if it's their first time getting fucked by a Los Angeles escort service girl. But not Evan. He picked me up and carried me into the master bedroom. In like less than a minute we stripped off each other's clothes. Only, he did something that's only happened to me one other time working as a call girl in Los Angeles. Instead of him jamming my head down to suck him off, he did what almost never happens. He went down on me. Ooh baby, I love getting off first and Evan brought his A-game bringing me to yummy-land in just a few minutes. I love being an escort in Los Angeles.

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