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Monica Bella

Meeting date: 2023.08.10

City / Country: USA

Price, duration: 800 USD, 1 hours

Jack's review

Monica is as brilliant as she is beautiful, and she is very, very, beautiful. Totally free and unafraid, she will dissolve your last inhibition with her sensual mouth and easy laugh. Please her, and she will return the pleasure a thousand fold… Monica is the queen of a band of angels sent by Heaven not just to ease the suffering of mankind, but to show us the joys for which we were actually created. Worship her, and shower her with riches. You will be held in divine favor if you do it right…

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Monica Bella

Meeting date: 2022.11.29

City / Country: France

Price, duration: 600 EUR, 2 hours

MisterB's review

Monica is a high-class woman, with a great knowledge of the world. You can discuss all subjects. She is one of the best and I would even say that she is unique. She has everything in her (mind, heart, listening, understanding, experience, grace, takes care of you in all aspects ...), she is intelligent, funny, vibrant, a really nice character and a real wild animal in bed... She is a breathtaking woman! She simply became a close friend ... Thank you, Monica, for all that you are... see you soon again.

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Chitra CAM & Real

Meeting date: 2022.11.29

City / Country: India

Price, duration: 700 USD, 2 hours

Adit's review

Finally found the most genuine babe online . I took a cam session from her and then finally decided to meet. She is wonderful

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Monica Bella

Meeting date: 2022.07.07

City / Country: France

Price, duration: 500 EUR, 1 hours

SergeAlt 's review

I have met Monica twice, and if I can help it, I will see her again. She is a 5 star in bed, dynamic, non stopping and eager to please her partner. She stands out. She is sensual, uninhibited, enthusiastic, and loves what she does. Many can envy her PSE service! She belongs to an elite club where you have an intelligent companion, and a hot ball in bed that is not limited to a classic engagement.

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Meeting date: 2021.10.17

City / Country: Morocco

Price, duration: 400 EUR, 1 hours

Ahmed 's review

She’s nice sweet and sexy have good smile

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