Terms & Conditions

Effective: From 8 May 2024 until revoked.


Under UK law, the following Terms & Conditions (T&C) apply.

This document will not be filed, it is concluded exclusively in electronic form, it does not constitute a written contract. Its scope extends to legal relationships on the Service Provider's website https://www.topescortbabes.com and its international subdomains. This T&C is continuously accessible from the website menu.

Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before you start to use the “website”.


  • Name: KESA LTD
  • Address: 63-66 Hatton Garden, 5th Floor, Suite 23, London, EC1N 8LE
  • Telephone Number: +44 1420 467480
  • Email Address: [email protected]


2.1 The goal of the website service is to provide space on its server for posting escort and adult partner ads, reviews, and accounts by users. The service allows visitors to access and initiate contact with other registered private advertiser individuals.

2.2 For questions not regulated in the T&C, as well as their interpretation, the laws of the United Kingdom, EU law, and international law shall prevail. The mandatory provisions of the applicable laws apply to the parties without any express agreement.

2.3 The Provider reserves all rights to the website, any of its contents, as well as the distribution of the website. Downloading, electronic storage, processing, and sale of the contents appearing on the website or any part thereof without the written consent of the Provider is prohibited.

2.4 By purchasing/registration on the website, the user declares that they have read and accepted the conditions of this T&C and the website's published Privacy Policy, consented to the data processing, and familiarized themselves with our business policy.

2.5 Upon entering the site, the user, by clicking on a link providing access to the site, declares that they are of legal age according to their national law, over 18 years of age (in some places 21), and that visiting the site, browsing, and viewing the erotic content displayed there does not violate the laws of their nationality or place of residence and does not conflict with other mandatory provisions.

2.6 The website cannot be used for any purpose that is illegal, indecent, harms the website, or any third party.

2.7 Our site operates as a hosting service, linking advertisers' profiles with site visitors. The Provider only provides the advertising and contact platform with moderation and data protection.


3.1. The site distinguishes between registered users (Member, Advertisers) and non-registered users (Visitors), collectively referred to as Users.

3.2. The service can only be utilized by adults voluntarily.

3.2.1 If the advertiser's age of majority cannot be clearly established, the advertiser will be required to provide proof of age, which will be provided by a selfie photo or video with a photo ID issued by an official authority.

3.3. When a User enters the Provider's website or reads its content in any way – even if not a registered user of the website, they accept the conditions stated in the T&C as binding for themselves. If the User does not accept these conditions, they are not authorized to view the content of the website.

3.4. By registering, Users confirm that they have familiarized themselves with and accept the conditions of this T&C and the website's published Privacy Policy, consenting to the data processing.

3.5. Users are required to provide their real data during registration. If untrue or third-party data is provided during registration or use, the resulting electronic contract is void. The Provider excludes liability if the User uses the services in another person's name or with another person's data.

3.6. The Provider is not liable for any delay in delivery or other problems or errors that can be traced back to data incorrectly and/or inaccurately provided by the User.

3.7. The Provider is not liable for damages arising from the User forgetting their password or it becoming accessible to unauthorized persons for reasons not attributable to the Provider.

Registered User (Member, Advertisers)

3.8. Considering the profile and name of the site, only adult women and transgender individuals can register as advertisers on our site.

3.9. Clearly “male” advertiser profiles will be deleted referring to the previous point.

3.10. Only independent advertisers and agencies can register on the website, it is not possible for other similar advertising pages. If we find profiles and links pointing to such pages, we will delete them without warning immediately.

3.11. The advertiser's registration and appearance on the site are free, only premium advertising services and highlighted storage use are charged.

3.12. Registration requires an email address and password. Confirmation of the email address is necessary for system usage.

3.13. Advertisers can purchase premium advertising services in the administration interface.

3.14. Premium services can be obtained by redeeming virtual credits. Virtual credits can be purchased through our partners providing online payment services.

3.15. The price for different premium services may vary by country or city. The current prices can be viewed in the Prices section by Members.

3.15.1. Premium services may include VIP profiles, which appear before the free ads on listing pages, highlighted in random order by default. VIP profiles enjoy a highlighted role in multiple places where advertisers appear, such as in videos, agency listings, or social media shares.

3.15.2. Premium services can include Banner ads. Banner ads are placed in the advertising stripe on the right side of the page on desktop views or among the listings on listing pages in mobile view. The 200x200px advertising banners essentially serve as links. Clicking on these navigates Visitors to a third-party page, typically the advertiser's private site. The banner can also point to the advertiser's own advertising profile within the site. The banner must be provided by the advertiser; the Provider only ensures the display. The uploaded and accepted banners after moderation rotate, meaning their position changes randomly. Fixed positions can be purchased upon individual agreements.

3.15.3. Advertisers may have multiple VIP and Banner ads simultaneously.

Normal User (Visitor)

3.16. Adult natural persons can view the website's advertisements and other content without registration.

3.17. This point is deleted.

3.18. Visitors can contact advertisers in three ways.

3.18.1. If the selected advertiser provided their phone number, direct contact can be initiated.

3.18.2. Banner or website link guides to a page where direct contact details are provided.

3.18.3. Via message sending.

3.19. Message sending occurs on the Provider's server. The Provider treats the data confidentially and encrypted, does not disclose them to third parties nor is aware of their content.


4.1. Rules applicable to user content apply to all content uploaded by registered users (including textual, image, video, and other content).

4.2. Based on the terms of this Agreement, Users are responsible for the information they publish. Posting false or unlawful data results in immediate termination of the Agreement and exclusion of the registered User.

4.2.1. Please note that we have limited ability to check the quality, compatibility, or safety of Users, as well as the truthfulness, accuracy, or completeness of any communication made available on the Website. Since we do not always review communications found on the Website, by entering into this Agreement, you acknowledge that information about other Users may, despite prohibitions found in the Terms & Conditions, be inaccurate or misleading.

4.2.2. We monitor uploaded content on an ongoing basis and will remove any content that is illegal, offensive or contrary to our community standards. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hate Speech: any content that attacks a person or group based on religion, race, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or disease.
  • Violent content: Images or videos that depict or incite violence.
  • Harassment and threats: messages or comments that intimidate, harass or pressure others.
  • Pornography and explicit content: any image or video that depicts a sexual act or is of an excessively sexual nature.
  • Human trafficking: which encompasses the illegal trade of individuals for exploitation or commercial gain.
  • Sex trafficking: a severe form of human trafficking that involves the coercion, abduction, or deception of individuals for sexual exploitation.

Accounts that display such content may be suspended.

4.3. We do not assume liability for any differences between the image on the website and the advertiser’s actual appearance. While the Provider strives to filter out photos not depicting the advertisers, the pictures on the profiles may differ from reality or may be illustrated.

4.4. By providing their personal data, Users consent to their processing, including any unique or sensitive data shared based on their decision. Since the site is public and we do not engage in profiling, we advise advertisers to be cautious about the data and information they share about themselves, as others may misuse it.

4.5. The registered Advertiser uploads photos on the website, thus solely responsible for the published photos in terms of their authenticity, legality, and the content of the accompanying text.

4.5.1. It is forbidden to upload photos to the website that contain any text, logo, phone number, or email address.

4.5.2. Also, it is forbidden to upload a photo that does not depict the advertiser. Such photos will be deleted without warning.

4.5.3. It is strictly forbidden to upload photos or videos depicting genitalia, sexual acts. Such content will be deleted, and the corresponding profile may be suspended.

4.6. Every User is responsible for establishing personal contact with advertisers on their own initiative, without the knowledge, consent, control, or interference of the Provider; however, the Provider aims to filter out false profiles from its system, involving Users in the process.

4.6.1. Visitors have the option to report fake photos or fraudulent advertisers through a form on the site.

4.6.2. The Provider investigates all reports and may require the advertiser to verify the authenticity of their advertisement or remove the advertisement without prior notice after repeated complaints.

4.7. Multiple advertisements by the same person, providing false information or using other people's photos or data, constitute serious breaches of the contract. These profiles will be immediately deleted, the right to future advertisements denied, and fees paid for the advertising period will not be refunded.

4.8. The User grants an international, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free right to the website owner to reproduce, publish, translate, or sell the content they uploaded.

4.9. The User guarantees that the content complies with these terms and conditions.

4.10. The content cannot be illegal or unlawful, must not infringe any third party's legal rights, and cannot give rise to legal action against the website or the content uploader as a third party.

4.11. We reserve the right to modify, edit, or delete any content uploaded by users at any time if it is offensive to others, its quality, content, style does not match the spirit and level of the website, or if the uploader violates the T&C provisions.

4.12. The following images or videos are not allowed: where the advertiser is not clearly identifiable, of poor quality, manipulated, or contain any of the following:

  • genitalia
  • sexual acts
  • any text or logo
  • website or email addresses
  • phone numbers
  • advertisement of any products
  • advertising of other services
  • border
  • emojis, stickers
  • child pornography
  • violence
  • or resembles an authenticating photo

Please be informed that violating these rules may result in the suspension of your account!

In particular

  • You must not misuse the Service or any information posted on the Service.
  • You must not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any information available on the Service or to any of the networks used by the Service.
  • You may not post and/or copy any information or material to which you do not have proprietary rights (including copyright materials) without obtaining permission from the copyright holder.
  • You may not copy, in whole or part, information, data from the Website (including - but not limited to - information from other Member profiles) for purposes other than those outlined in this Agreement.
  • You may not send mass mailings, spams, or junk email to other Members.
  • You may not transfer, assign, share or sublicense your user rights and/or authorize any third party to use the Service instead of you.
  • You may not transmit, post, or send via email to other Members any information, pictures, or other material that are pornographic, racially offensive, defamatory, harassing, obscene, threatening, defamatory, or vulgar. Being aware of the criminal liability, you declare that you will not commit any criminal offenses under applicable criminal law on the Website.
  • You may not transmit and/or post and/or email to other Members any information, picture, and/or other material that may offend other Members' political and/or religious beliefs, or the possession, publication, transmission of which is unlawful.
  • You may not upload to the Service any materials that contain viruses or are subject to copyright protection.
  • You may not attempt to intercept other Members' emails.
  • You may not use any device, software, or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the Website.
  • Offensive behavior, incitement to racial hatred, or the promotion of such ideas is strictly prohibited.
  • The User is prohibited from creating multiple registrations for the purpose of avoiding misleading other users.


5.1. The content, functions, design, domain name, and other elements of the website are owned by the Provider and are protected under international law.


  • copying the content of the site (use on other sites)
  • sell, rent, or otherwise commercialize the site's content
  • publicly display the site's content
  • copy, duplicate, use any content for commercial purposes
  • alter, modify the website's content
  • resell or utilize any content for business purposes (e.g., newsletters)


6.1. Users can purchase banner and VIP profiles for advertising purposes. The price depends on the product type, selected country or city, and the duration. More details about payment options are available on the Prices page.

6.2. Since the Provider does not control external links and corresponding pages are likely not owned by us, please read the Privacy Policy / GDPR and this T&C carefully before linking to or visiting a third-party-owned page.


7.1. Advertisers may use the refund guarantee within 14 days of purchase if no service was activated from the purchased credit balance. The money-back guarantee applies if the purchase was provably illegal or unauthorized, or if we find the reason acceptable.

7.1.1. The buyer is responsible for all expenses associated with the refund, which will be deducted at the time of the refund. This is particularly applicable to purchases made with cryptocurrency.

7.2. The User, in this case, the consumer, acknowledges that they cannot exercise the right to cancel:

  • In the case of a contract for the provision of a service, after the partial or total performance of the service, if the service provider has commenced performance with the express prior consent of the consumer and the consumer has accepted the contractual terms and conditions at the same time as giving such consent.
  • In respect of a product or service the price or price of which is subject to fluctuations which cannot be influenced by the financial market undertaking and which are possible even during the period during which the right of withdrawal may be exercised.
  • Where the purchase was made by redeeming a gift card or electronic voucher.
  • Where the purchase is made at a point of sale.

7.3 Warranty conditions

  • We provide the Service "as is" and do not guarantee that the Service or any part of it will meet the User's requirements, objectives, and/or expectations. We merely provide the Service, not its effectiveness, hence we are not responsible if no contact with other Users occurs during the subscription period.
  • We do not guarantee any information accessible through the Service in any manner.
  • We accept no liability for errors in the operation, availability, and/or uninterrupted operation of the Service if the errors result from the operation or malfunction of telephone networks, telephone lines, online computer systems, servers, or providers, computer equipment, software, email or internet malfunction.
  • The Website merely serves as a platform for Users to publish information about themselves and enables you to contact other Users through the Service at your own discretion.
  • As a User, you acknowledge that the information posted by other Users on their Profiles only reflects how they chose to describe themselves. It is recommended not to assume the accuracy and correctness of any information on the Profiles.
  • We do not check all Profiles for correctness and non-misleading nature. We do not claim or warrant that the information on the Profiles is accurate, and we undertake no obligation to verify any information on any Profile.
  • Before acting based on the information on the Profile or obtained through the Service, it is advisable to check their correctness at your own expense.
  • We offer no warranty on the Service's availability at 100%, but together with the hosting provider, we strive to swiftly rectify any server, internet, or technical errors.
  • We do not vouch for the authenticity of advertiser data but do everything to filter out false profiles.


8.1. Users can cancel their subscription at any time by logging into the administrative interface, where they can manually do so. Cancellations through Email or Live Chat Support cannot be accepted. After cancellation, no further charges will apply. Cancellation does not entitle to a money-back guarantee. The paid period does not end with the subscription cancellation.


9.1. We may at any time suspend your access to the website along with the content you posted without providing a reason. Members can also terminate their registration at any time.

10.1. Our website may contain links that do not operate under the Provider. Please read these sites' T&C and Privacy Policy carefully.


11.1. The provider excludes any liability regarding the authenticity, content, completeness, legality, reliability, operability, or availability of information or material displayed in the service framework. The provider disclaims any and all liability for users' behavior.


12.1. The privacy and data management policy of the topescortbabes.com site and subpages and other language sites comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL of April 27, 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to processing personal data and on free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), as well as the recommendations of the 'Online Privacy Alliance'. See Privacy Policy.


13.1. The Provider is entitled to unilaterally amend the T&C. The Provider publishes the amendments on the website on the day of their entry into force. Users accept that all regulations related to the use of the website automatically apply to them by using the website.


14.1 Any complaints arising during use can be submitted via the contacts listed in this T&C. Our Complaint Handling is always free of charge and can only be done in writing.

14.2 In case of a written complaint, we investigate the complaint issue upon receipt and respond with written feedback within 30 days following the submission.

14.3. Should complaints concern advertisers, we proceed according to Chapter IV of the T&C. For these complaints, a nickname and a verified email address are sufficient for reporting.

14.4. Complaints and removal requests related to misuse of personal data are handled via the email address [email protected] or our postal address. The complainant needs to submit the following:

  • Name
  • Residential or mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Preferred method of notification
  • Description and reason of the complaint
  • Complaint-related demand
  • Copies of documents supporting the complaint
  • Other necessary data for the investigation and response to the complaint

14.5. Written complaints – including the minutes of oral complaints presented in person – and the responses to them are archived for five years. After the retention period, the data carriers (documents) are disposed of. Personal data recorded in the complaint register are used exclusively for registering complaints and resolving complaint cases.


15.1. This Agreement is exclusively between us and you; third parties cannot derive rights from this Agreement, thus third parties are not entitled to enforce the Agreement as if they were. This provision does not apply to members of our corporate group, who are entitled to enforce the Agreement as if we were. The cessation of the right of any third party to enforce the Agreement does not require the consent of the said third party.

15.2. You may not assign the Agreement or any of your rights regarding the Service to any third party. However, we are entitled to transfer any of our rights and obligations derived from this Agreement concerning the Service. In the event that our rights are transferred to a successor, we are relieved of all responsibilities arising from this Agreement.

15.3. If any content on the website violates your personal rights, you can report it based on section 14.4.

15.4. Failure to immediately act against any breach of conduct by you does not constitute approval of the breach, nor does it provide a basis for any further breach.

15.5. This document constitutes the entire agreement between you and us. If any authoritative body deems any provision of this Agreement, in part or in whole, invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of that provision and the Agreement remains in force and effect.

15.6. The Provider may involve subcontractors in fulfilling its obligations. For unlawful conduct by the subcontractor, the Provider is fully responsible as if the unlawful act were committed by the Provider itself.

15.7. If any part of the T&C becomes invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, it does not affect the validity, legality, and enforceability of the remaining parts.

15.8. The Provider's failure to exercise any rights provided in the T&C does not constitute a waiver of such rights. A waiver of any right is only effective through an explicit written statement. Not insisting strictly on adherence to any condition or stipulation on one occasion does not mean waiving the right to adhere strictly to the condition or stipulation in the future.

15.9. The Provider and User will attempt to resolve any disputes amicably.

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